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Since 2003 Urban Element have been providing services
that generate a genuine return on their investment.

Urban Element is now one of the leading Website Design and Digital Marketing Companies in Oxfordshire, creating responsive Ecommerce websites, and delivering Digital Marketing through Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Campaigns, Pay Per Click and Content Marketing, to a portfolio of Digital Marketing clients that we are very proud of.

We've come a long way since our launch in September 2003, and the company has evolved through significant changes in technology, changing customer expectation of websites, our market, and some major economic events.

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Our Structure

Over the past 11 years our three disciplines of web design, digital marketing and technology have grown into a thriving team of 16.

We are headed up by our Directors Jon Ellard and Natasha Ellard with 16 full time designers, developers and digital marketing specialists. Between us, we make up a team who are all experts in their field and can offer you a variety of packages.

Our teams are lead by experienced project and account managers who will guide you through the project making sure you’re in touch with every step we take.

Although Urban Element are an Oxfordshire based web design and digital marketing agency, we offer our services to clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Having said this we have a real belief in the advantages of local delivery and presence.

We actively support a number of charities including SpecialEffect and Base 33.

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Business Development

Natasha Ellard
Jon Ellard

Account Management

Will Smaldon
Jade Callaghan

Design and User Experience

Dan Shelton


Jim Osborn
Chris Sawyer
Lee Vanstone

Digital Marketing

Matt Gilbert
Matt Thomason
Luke Terzino


Our core values are the difference that set us apart from other firms

Gold standard in customer intimacy

We place great value on customer intimacy, striving to show our customers that their needs and requirements are what matters. We take proactive steps to understand what our clients want, how they want it, when they want it and most importantly – what does getting it solve for them. We put this into practice through a number of multi-level relationships, whether that be through our Customer Support, fronted by our Customer Service Associate, through high level strategic quarterly meets with our Account Directors Natasha and Jon, or through our core business process as provided by our dedicated Project Management and Account Management team. As well as providing a professional customer needs centric approach, sometimes it’s the little things that matter from a client’s favourite tea or caramel digestive (you know who you are).

ROI – we bring a strong commercial understanding

Whilst delivering a great website is important, understanding the commercial impact it has is key to most online successes. From the very first sales meeting to the 3 month review following launch, giving our clients a return on investment is the priority. Both of our directors come from a sales and marketing background and instil the importance of generating real return on investment throughout the team. This is manifested throughout our relationship with you, from the initial discussion of your financial plans and goals on day one, through to the 3 month post launch review meeting and beyond. Ongoing investment in the digital marketing department ensures that we not only ensuring your website provides a ROI but that all of your digital activities do from social media to PPC.

Guts, Humour and Fun

Pushing boundaries and comfort zones is important at UE. Individual team development programmes allow people to excel within their natural expertise but also to develop new skills. Team building and quarterly business planning sessions are themed, and have included ‘taking a leap of faith’ and ‘building upon our foundations’. These two themes led to the team completing the Go Ape Course and climbing over London's 02. This value feeds through to our working relationship with our clients. Projects average 3.5 months with around 8 face to face meetings and although professional, we want you to enjoy the process and for our meetings to be fun. We encourage our clients to push their boundaries, and as an example designing more than one concept allows our clients to do just that, a recent case being FOCUS LLP who opted for a modern, cutting edge design and UX, over a more conservative approach. Our dedication to our chosen charities provides us with an escape; from the team walking across burning coals to racing around France in £450 banger – we can’t wait for TwinTown 2016.

We only put sites live that we are proud of

Launching a new website is an important process for our clients. It’s important to us, and it’s equally important that the site is one that both our client and UE can be proud of. Our team invest heavily into the sites that we produce, from design, to UX and QA and as part of that the end result is a reflection of our involvement in our client’s project. We want our clients’ websites to be something they can’t help but be proud of and in turn something that we are as equally proud of. Since 2008, we have invested heavily in graphic design (print back ground) trained web designers. Ensuring that the look and feel of the sites we produce will have a strong impact on conversion rates. The digital marketing team ensure that sites launched are SEO friendly, technically optimised and give our clients a great platform to build visitors on. With clients online presence becoming more and more business critical, we have intensified the amount of quality control and testing we complete before site goes live. The user acceptance testing includes a day on site with the client taking them through the entire site.

Excellence through practicable replicable processes and systems

Operational excellence through process is at the heart of providing our customers with a comfortable, efficient and higher quality experience. By placing refined processes at the core of our working practices, we can improve quality, obtain a higher ROI, achieve faster throughput and with minimal waste. Over the years we have developed a three phase process to our web projects with the objective being to complete projects on time to budget. The consultancy process ensures that there are no hidden surprises, everyone is on the same page and potential problems identified and resolved early on in the project. Web projects can be at times a daunting process for clients so we ensure that the systems we use from Liquid Planner (waterfall and agile development) to BaseCamp (client communication) are user friendly, manageable and keep our clients in the picture.

Accountability, ownership and pride in what we do

It’s important to us that our team are forward thinking, proactive in our projects and are continually striving to improve. It’s also important that our team, who bring their own areas of expertise, have the opportunity to shape how we move forward. Through regular personal goal setting and reviews of those goals our team is encouraged to develop ownership of process improvements, or project targets, and client goals. The team regularly take the opportunity to influence our direction in monthly meetings and are actively encouraged to develop new business opportunities. This all positively impacts the level of service our clients receive by working with a team that is continually raising the bar.

Let’s work together...

If your current website isn't providing the right results for you, if you are looking to take the next step forwards with your online business, or if you are launching your business online we'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can enable you to reach your business goals.