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Dan Shelton

Senior Visual Designer

As one of our Senior Visual Designers, Dan forms a key part of our Core Business Team. Dan is responsible for creating visually engaging and innovative web-based and mobile designs. He not only is tasked with bringing concepts to life, but cultivating bonds between customers and brands. He knows the power of imagery and wields it appropriately. Dan partners with our Front End Developers to create HTML and CSS-friendly designs. Furthermore, Dan is part of the Small Works Team, in which he puts his background in creating illustrations, animation and design for educational media to good use developing existing clients websites further.


Dan brings 17 years design experience over multiple disciplines to Urban Element. After 4 years at North Oxfordshire College of Art and Design, Dan went on to start as a Junior Exhibition designer for European promotion working with clients such as VWAG, Ford, Jaguar, Barclays and Natwest for 6 years and working his way up to Design Manager.

He then went on to freelance before joining HL Studios as a Designer, Illustrator and Animator for the educational publishing sector for a further 9 years.


Out of the workplace Dan enjoys making handmade custom snooker and pool cues which have been sent all over the world. He also is an avid gamer and tech geek with his own self confessed "Man cave" which he calls home.

Dan enjoys keeping track of modern design trends and design functionality as well as new experiences and challenges.

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