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The technology behind our development, design and marketing

We take pride in creating cutting edge, modern websites, that look great, provide rich user experience, and deliver measurable results for your business. The choice and usage of the best and most appropriate technology is an increasingly important factor in fulfilling these criteria. We use numerous market leading tools and applications in developing websites and marketing activity, these are some of the most important:

Our design work

The design projects at Urban Element can be wide and varied but the core work is for online and mobile websites. Our team of designers work with industry leading software from Adobe’s Creative Suite. We use the latest versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite meaning that our designers are always working with the best collection of cutting edge design tools available.

One of the key tools within Adobe Creative Suite our designers use extensively is Abobe Photoshop. Photoshop is core to much of our design work and gives our designers the tools to efficiently produce stunning artwork for countless mediums, whether that be a mobile website or a large printed marketing piece.

Our website builds

We build our websites primarily using Adobe Dreamweaver, another component of the Adobe Creative Suite. Dreamweaver allows us to seamlessly integrate our Design and Build phases when creating our websites. HTML5 and CSS3 support is integrated into the latest version of Dreamweaver which allow us to turn our visual designs into powerful, efficient, and multi device friendly websites.

For our builds we use a framework called Bootstrap. This is a collection of HTML, CSS and JS code created for the purpose of developing responsive websites. Bootstrap is an open-source framework developed by the Twitter team and includes rigorously tested and supported JavaScript extensions and code templates for typography, web forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components.

Our content management systems (CMS)

We work with many different content management systems including Adobe Business Catalysts, Orchard and WordPress. They are all robust and powerful systems, that are;

  • Client friendly, giving you the power to manage your site.
  • SEO friendly, meaning your site can be developed to be found by your audience.
  • Business friendly, offering a slick, professional, configurable, and extensible online stores.

Our CMS have strong support for your content plan with blogging, news, events management, and galleries to name but a few standard features. Both provide powerful reporting tools so that you are kept well informed of every customer and potential customer interaction with your site.

Our testing tools

We test our websites and applications at various stages of their life cycle. A critical stage of testing is at pre-launch where we’ll look at aspects of a website to ensure that at go live it functions correctly and well across browsers and across different devices. We have strict QA procedures that test sites from SEO, design and functionality perspectives. You can find more about this by reading through our process. The tools we use will depend on the project and the target end user, but as standard we test and optimize page speed using Google Chrome add-ons. We carry out cross browser testing for desktop and mobile using Browserstack and a variety of the most popular physical devices.

Digital Marketing – analysing performance and reporting on results

Once a website or digital marketing project is launched it’s key to be able to measure and gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. This may take the form of monitoring the volumes of traffic your website receives, the engagement of those visitors, whether they convert to a sale or lead, or whether they continue to return to your website time and time again.

For on-site behaviour analysis we use both the full integrated analytics within our content management systems, and Google Analytics. Our CMS systems allow both Urban Element and our clients to see exactly what’s going on with dashboards, pre created reports, and customizable reports. We make extensive use of Google Analytics to analyse, report and build on user behavior. This will include looking at how you’re acquiring your visitors, how people are finding your site, how they interact with the site, how experiences differ between device usage, which pages are performing or underperforming, goal funnels, to name but a few. We use the data to suggest and make improvements that we pass on to our clients and our support and development team.

Bespoke development

Our .NET team’s tool of choice for bespoke development applications is Microsoft’s Visual Studio. Visual Studio is a collection of developer tools and services that allow our developers to create applications that integrate effectively with Microsoft platforms both off and online. Many of our .NET applications utilize SQL Server as a database. SQL Server is a fast, efficient, reliable and very stable database engine, and sits perfectly alongside our .NET applications.

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