Our choice of technology is made with your business in mind

The technology behind our development, design and marketing


As a web design and development company, technology is at the heart of our business. We use a range of different tools, systems and software to ensure that the websites we develop and the services we provide are effective and perform at their best.

We constantly evaluate our tools and systems to ensure we're up to date and following industry best practices. We don't always chase the latest and greatest technology. Instead we focus on what will best deliver on the needs of our clients and their customers.

What this means for you

We use technology to ensure we deliver the best service to our clients. Through the use of software, digital platforms and tools our work provides the following benefits:

  • quality
  • consistency
  • efficiency
  • accountability
  • independence
  • accessibility.


Ongoing analysis and performance evaluation ensures that your website and digital marketing are performing at their best.

TechnologyWe use technology to analyse our work and assess its impact on your business. This ensures that your website, content and social media deliver on your goals and effectively support your customers.

Our expertise in Google Analytics allows us to interpret the data based on the context of your business. We couple this data with usability insights from tools such as Hotjar and in-depth keyword analysis using platforms such as Authoritas and SEMrush. Using this we can make informed decisions that will improve user experience, conversions and the return on investment from your site.


Using digital assets ensures your brand is represented consistently and work is easily replicable.

Our use of technology for website and marketing design, branding, content and social media ensures that our work is consistent. This supports your brand and helps to build trust with your clients.

Our digital design work is done using Adobe Creative Cloud. Using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, we can create digital assets that can be used across digital, print and physical marketing materials.

Our processes and project management approach also ensure that our work is consistent and replicable. This helps us to give you accurate timescales and precise costings for any work.


Digital tools increase efficiency and ensure our work for you is cost effective and competetively priced.

We use digital tools to provide the best value for your business. Having all of your assets available digitally means that we can reuse and repurpose them to meet new requirements or easily replicate previous work.

Our process and project management tools mean that we can keep tasks on track and monitor our time effectively. Tools such as LiquidPlanner and Basecamp help us to deliver projects to schedule and keeps our costs competitive.


Our work is fully traceable, with comprehensive version control. This ensures complete accountability and provides peace of mind.

By managing our projects and work digitally, we have full traceability and accountability for our work. Our systems allow us to easily manage sign off, deadlines and other key decisions.

Technology also allows us to keep track of different versions, making it easy to iterate or roll back to previous versions. Versioning tools such as Subversion and cloud-based platforms such as G Suite and GatherContent help us to be agile while providing a robust and reliable service.


Keep your website up to date yourself with an easy to use and powerful content management system (CMS).

We use content management systems (CMS) to build our sites. A CMS gives you the independence to make updates and changes to your site without incurring additional costs.

We won't try and push you towards our preferred CMS, instead we work to understand your needs so that we can recommend a system that is appropriate. Our expertise spans a number of CMSs, including Adobe Business Catalyst, WordPress, Drupal and open-source .NET CMS Orchard.


Designed to be accessed using all modern browsers on mobiles, tablets and PCs, as well as by people using assistive technologies.

TechnologyBy making use of industry-standard frameworks and coding languages, we ensure that the websites we develop are accessible. We build sites to be accessible across all modern browsers, devices and by people using assistive technology.

We make use of HTML5, CSS3, .NET, PHP, JavaScript and jQuery depending on the nature of the project. Our code is written in a clear and easily understandable way so it can be picked up by other developers if required.

Security and stability

We use fast and robust hosting to ensure your data is secure and your site experiences minimal downtime.

We understand that data security is important. We are careful to ensure our hosting is secure and compliant with the relevant regulations on data protection to reduce the risk to your business. Where data security is a primary concern, we are able to work closely with your IT team to develop a self-hosted solution.

Our cloud hosting options are robust and provide a high level of uptime. The cloud nature means that if any single server fails, your site will still be available. This ensures your customers can access your site whenever and wherever they choose.


Let’s work together...

If your current website isn't providing the right results for you, if you are looking to take the next step forwards with your online business, or if you are launching your business online we'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can enable you to reach your business goals.