8 Steps to Break into Blogging and Social Media in 2014 – Part 1

8 Steps to Break into Blogging and Social Media in 2014 – Part 1 Archive

Each and every day a mind blowing 92,000+ articles are posted on the web.

Yes lets repeat that… 92,000+… Daily


So how does one get noticed in this crazy world when they are competing with gazillions of blog posts that are being posted each year? Well never fear, Urban Element are here to tell you how.

So if your visitors are vanishing and your blog is below radar follow these 8 simple steps to get ahead in Blogging and Social Media in 2014.

1. Get writing!

Yes, it my seem obvious – But if you’re not posting awesome content regularly then you are incredibly unlikely to rank. Google wants to show their visitors the best content it has access to and whatever you think about Google’s constant updates, the message has always been the same – Content is King.

Part of Google’s algorithm measures the size, scale and quality of this content and how your site compares to others. It also recognises if a blog is updated regularly.

Knowing this and acting accordingly will put you on the inside track and give you a better chance of ranking high.

One on the best corporate brands out there for regular content is Whole Foods, who update awesome content daily.

2. Come up with a plan

A content schedule is a really important tool to optimise your time and efforts when blogging – and it’s not as tedious as you may think.

Think in terms of 6 months. Where do you want your blog to be? Who do you want to attract? What will achieve these goals? After this you need to hammer out a few ideas and decide what they achieve and who they target (an inspiring New Yearpost would be an ideal project for today)

If you can answer these questions then you already have a pretty good idea what you’ll be writing about and you’re practically there. So set out a week by week plan and stick to it. It’s the perfect way to get your blog moving again.

Outdoor clothing company, Patagonia, have an obvious strategy. By Writing about travelers  and explorers they sell their products by association to give a real sense of targeting with their blog.

courtesy of serps-invaders.com

courtesy of serps-invaders.com

3. Think Brand

As the web evolves, bloggers evolve with it. This evolution sees bloggers getting more and more technical. A blog is no longer a blog, it’s a trusted bank of information, inspiration, advice and entertainment. The blogs that have the best brand Identity will be the most successful.

This is because a visitor wants to feel like they can trust the information contained in the website. A good brand identity is a sure fire way to achieve this, where as a weak or boring brand identity is a warning that the blog is either not fully committed or a little bit unprofessional.

Urban Element worked with blogger, Muddy Stilettos, who has been nominated for an award for the most original blog. Clever branding and clear purpose makes her a real contender!

4. Get Social

We’ve already mentioned content, strategy and brand. But none of this will be of use to us without a bit of Content Marketing magic. The key ingredients behind this marketing malarky have always been networking and advertising. Both of which are but a tweet away.

Actively engaging in social media is an essential aspect of any content strategy and if you want to beat the other 92,000 articles that will be published today you could do a lot worse than following our blog and reading part two where we discuss social media in so much more detail! Coming soon.

After all, how many times over the year of 2013 have you told yourself that you will finally establish  a blog and a social media account or two and for your business? Well, whatever reason you have been putting it of, the start of 2014 provides you with the perfect opportunity to put your online marketing goals into swing!

But if you can’t wait until then, just comment your blogging and social media questions below and we’ll get back to you.

Jon Ellard
- Director

A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen client relationships. With 14 years marketing experience Jon’s main focus is to ensure clients receive return on investment from their online investment. Jon has excellent people skills and possesses the valuable ability to explain technically-complex subjects and make them comprehensible.


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