8 steps to break into Blogging & Social Media in 2014 – Part 2

8 steps to break into Blogging & Social Media in 2014 – Part 2 Social Media

Last week we uploaded part one of this blog. While Dougie has shown you the ropes on blogging, Katie is taking you through part 2 on 4 steps to breaking into social media for 2014. Have you got your pen and paper at the ready?


1. Find Your Focus

In addition to launching your business blog, pick one or two social media channels to focus on. With so many social media channels to choose from, many newbie’s make the rookie error of spreading themselves too thinly on several sites and can’t put the time or energy into engaging with customers. Facebook and Twitter have some of the largest audiences and are great channels for new social media users, so perhaps you could start there?

2. Be the Expert

Use your business blog as an opportunity to position yourself as an industry expert on your social media platforms. Think about questions that your customers commonly have and address these popular questions. Share your content on social media to spread the word about your blog! Alternatively, use your social media to be an expert and provide excellent customer service.

3. Add Value

Create content that is interesting, engaging, and adds value to your target audience, and whatever you do, make sure it’s not a sales pitch! If you use online marketing as an opportunity to serve your audience rather than sell to them, you will build trust and loyalty for your brand, which in turn will earn you more customers and followers than you would likely gain through other strategies. Koozai are a good example of a company who add value to their audience, they hold monthly question and answer sessions on Twitter known as #koozchat where industry experts or the general public can take part in discussions.

4. Get organised

Utilise a content calendar to assist with your social media management strategy. The more quality content that you create; the higher your engagement will be and therefore will ultimately boost your social reach. A calendar will not only remind you to post regularly, but will help to diversify the type of content that you are sharing. For example, one website doing this particularly well is SpecialEffect with a dedicated hashtag to their upcoming event in May (#TwinTown) they are showing signs of having a clear plan. Since yesterday, there have been 14 engagements with this hashtag, a sign of growing momentum!

There are a number of reasons why people are doubtful to get on the social media and blogging train, but some of the most common objections include lack of time and skill set to implement the strategy correctly and effectively. Have you heard of our complimentary social media workshops? If you can relate, partnering with a social media agency can provide you with the necessary resources to launch your brand online and manage day-to-day activity. At Urban Element we offer social media services! This solution is more affordable than you probably think and provides you with the freedom to focus on running your business while allowing a team of social media and content marketing professionals to introduce your brand to your audience online.

Who’s planning to add social media and blogging to their marketing mix in 2014?

What are your biggest challenges? Let us know in the comments!

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