TIMM-BBER!! Ensuring a successful website didn’t fall down!

TIMM-BBER!! Ensuring a successful website didn’t fall down! News

Champion Timber were an existing client of Urban Element. We had built them a bespoke e-commerce website to complement their 9 timber merchants in the South East of England.

Making a good site great

Although the site was taking significant sales, in 2012 it was decided to update the website’s look and functionality, and move all existing pages and products onto Adobe’s Business Catalyst (BC) platform. This would make the management of the site easier for Champion Timber, enable Urban Element to support them cost-effectively and improve the site’s navigation and buying experience for customers.

Champion Timber

Crucial elements involved

From the start we knew that there were three crucial elements of the existing site that we could not let slip:

1. Sales and functionality. With the site taking significant revenues Champion Timber could not lose any sales or customers.

2. Ranking. With top ranking positions for key search phrases such as ‘Timber Flooring’, Urban Element had to ensure that these weren’t lost in the switch.

3. Customer satisfaction. Champion Timber pride itself on delivery of quality, choice and service and couldn’t let any of these elements suffer in its online offering.

Improved Functionality

Urban Element looked at the design of the current website and the 1000′s of products available online from Champion Timber. Navigation had become an issue.

Champion Timber mega menu

Mega menus with direct links to product groups and promotions meant that customers could go straight to the products they needed, and couldn’t miss relevant offers and promotions.

Business Catalyst’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows Champion Timber to provide an improved service, storing and using data effectively for future marketing and sales campaigns.

Maintaining Rankings

The most vital element for maintaining the high search engine ranking s we had obtained for Champion Timber was to ensure that each individual product page was redirected to a page on the new site. With £1000′s of sales at risk,  this process had to be painstakingly completed and then tested by our SEO expert Paul Wood.

Customer SatisfactionChampion timber online customer feedback

As with all new things, especially large and complex projects, things can, and do, go wrong sometimes. All the testing in the world can not match the rigours consumers will put a site through in its first few weeks. We therefore added a customer feedback button, to ensure  that every user of the site has an opportunity to comment on their experience.

With a news article on the new website and Champion Timber informing their customers about the  new site, existing customers won’t be shocked to find that the new website is a great improvement, and if it isn’t Champion Timber certainly want to know about it.

A Champion Team

At Urban Element we are proud of the team that brought this complex project through to completion.

Leadership and strategy from Jon, our MD. Sasha for his customer friendly design, navigation and build of the site. Technical expertise from Witold and Malcolm in transferring all the old site’s product information; finding and fixing any bugs. Paul for completing the painstaking redirects and other vital SEO tasks and of course the client Mike Bird from Champion Timber; for his dedication to the project and understanding of the intricacies and difficulties that the project faced on its, at times bumpy, road to launch.

The Champion Timber website will sit proudly next to our other portfolio websites, a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Urban Element team.

Jon Ellard
- Director

A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen client relationships. With 14 years marketing experience Jon’s main focus is to ensure clients receive return on investment from their online investment. Jon has excellent people skills and possesses the valuable ability to explain technically-complex subjects and make them comprehensible.


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