Farewell Niki!

Farewell Niki! News

It has been two years since Niki first walked in to the doors of Urban Element as a spotty, clueless intern who was able to convince no one but herself that she knew anything about Web Design. To get the internship she had sent a link to her portfolio website - a site coded exclusively in Note Pad - and as far as she was concerned, it was the absolute bomb. 

In her first week she had a bit of a dressing down, as words like ‘SEO’, ‘CMS’ and ‘CTA’ were thrown at her as she scrambled to find out their meaning. After two weeks she had completed her first Business Catalyst conversion, and although feeling a bit bewildered, had secured herself a full time job for the rest of the summer. 

Niki continued to work for Urban Element on a part time basis whilst completing the final year of her degree, and was able to utilise the skills she had learnt at UE and gain herself top marks in her dissertation titled ‘Commercial practice in Web Design.’ In June 2012 Niki graduated with a First Class Honours degree from Oxford Brookes, and returned to Urban Element on a full time basis. 

Un-satisfied with the idea of only having one practice to focus on, in September 2012 Niki started studying for her MA in Visual Communication at the University of Gloucestershire. Studying for an MA whilst working 4 days a week was an enormous undertaking, and has resulted in tears, tantrums, and all nighters followed by 9.00am meetings with clients. A very busy year!

Now it is time for Niki to move on to the next stage of her career, and we are all in agreement that as the best table tennis player that has ever worked at Urban Element, and a reliable provider of biscuits, she is irreplaceable. The highlights of her career at Urban Element include completing her first complete project, the website for Shepherd & Woodward (www.shepherdandwoodward.co.uk), and the games of ‘guess the amount of pips in my orange’ played with the rest of the team. Its been a very busy, but wonderful few years!

Jon Ellard
- Director

A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen client relationships. With 14 years marketing experience Jon’s main focus is to ensure clients receive return on investment from their online investment. Jon has excellent people skills and possesses the valuable ability to explain technically-complex subjects and make them comprehensible.


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