Five quick ways to an SEO friendly website

Five quick ways to an SEO friendly website SEO

Whether you understand what SEO (search engine optimisation) is or not, everyone wants a website that appears on the front page, or better still, at the top of Google’s search results.

But what are the elements that get your site there? Well Google looks at over 200 elements and changes its algorithms all the time, so how do you keep up?

There are a few essential factors to SEO that will make your site SEO frienly, helping Google to read your site and hopefully rank it, but does your current site have them?

This was the basis of my presentation to the Oxfordshire Project‘s Ardington group last Wednesday night.

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Your website pages are books

Firstly think of your website as a collection of pages, each page dedicated to answering a question someone will ask of Google

Google is the librarian

Secondly think of Google as a librarian for these pages. They are going to send visitors to the best pages, with the most relevant and up to date content, that they have been able to find easily, and they can see is liked and recommended by others.

Five quick ways to an  SEO friendly website

You don’t have to be an IT whiz or understand the technical side of things to look at some quick elements of what your site does or doesn’t have.

  1. Keywords. Included in a page’s URL, page tabs and headline – let the librarian know what this page is specifically about

  2. Broken internal links. That limit Google’s ability to find and crawl your pages so they can be indexed

  3. Analytics. So you can see what is working or not on your site, and Google can see what pages you have.

  4. Social Proof. Sending messages to visitors and Google that you are liked and trusted with social media and testimonials.

Urban Element often speak at networking events around Witney and are pleased to do so. We offer regular free social media seminars for business who want to make the most of the web that explain these and similar issues in a little more detail.

For more information or a chat about your website please call Jon or Lucy on 01993 776999

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