Gaining a competitive edge with Analytics SEO

Gaining a competitive edge with Analytics SEO SEO

If you’re looking to monitor and self-manage your SEO, then you could benefit from our monthly subscription to Analytics SEO.

At Urban Element we have been working alongside Analytics SEO for 5 years to enhance our clients’ SEO. This month the digital marketing team, along with Director, Natasha Ellard, paid a visit to Analytics SEO in Twickenham to have a complete training session to better understand how we can fully utilise their updates. Customer experience manager, Matt O’Toole, provided us with a detailed guide of all features, new and old, we were all pleasantly surprised with just how many uses this software has.

Who are Analytics SEO?

A group of UK publishers decided to leave their jobs and set up a pay-per-click search engine in 2004. After this became a success in it’s own right they went on to building and optimising websites. Managing these sites became expensive, time-consuming and tedious which is when they had the idea to create an online SEO project management tool that made it simple and easy to optimise and maintain websites; in 2009 Analytics SEO was born.

What it can do for you

Using Analytics SEO to review your website can help you to better understand your competitive gap in terms of SEO alongside your chosen competitors. Analytics SEO enables you to track your ongoing progress with links, visitors and search volumes to Gaining a competitive edgegive you a better chance of boosting your google rankings and therefore your overall potential site traffic.

Analytics SEO’s Matt O’Toole said: “If you are considering working with an external team to help take your business to the next level, then you can rest assured that Urban Element have the experience and track record of success to help you achieve your goals. Using the Analytics SEO platform means that the money you spend with Urban Element is invested in high value strategic thinking and campaign delivery that requires a skilled human-being to achieve, and not in repetitive tasks that clever SEO and content marketing software like ours can automate.”

With our monthly subscription you will have training and full access to the software and personally experience the benefits it can have to your company. We have outlined just a few of the applications that Analytics SEO provides and what they can mean to your site:

Market analysis

The competitive audit section of Analytics SEO allows you to perform a daily audit showing you how you are performing against your selected competitors. This takes into account a number of relative SEO factors, including your keyword rankings, it serves as an indicator as to how well your campaigns are performing, enabling you to see any direct impact.


Site audit

The site audit allows you to see the overall health of your website and gives you a brief synopsis of what you are achieving and what areas you need to fix with your website, for example broken links, non-mobile friendly pages and unfriendly URLS. This page gives you a clear indication of how well you are achieving in your SEO and allows you track progress and easily identify areas that need improvement in your site.


Keyword rankings

The keyword rankings section of Analytics SEO is one of our most utilised features, it allows you to track the google ranking position and progress of your selected keywords in comparison to your competitors. This also helps you to see any direct effects your campaigns are having on your site’s rankings.

Keyword visits

If you are curious to see the number of organic search engine visits generated from your monitored keywords, then this application can help you to see all of the figures in detail.

Gaining a competitive edge

Keyword potential

Using the keyword potential tool, you can gather automatic notifications when there is scope for ranking improvements in your keywords. For example, if by focusing on one of your keywords could lead to a significant increase in traffic to your website then you could be automatically notified and therefore change your focus and give your traffic a boost.

Competitive rankings

The competitive rankings tool in Analytics SEO enables you to see how your website’s search engine rankings are progressing in comparison to your competitors’ rankings.


Analytics SEO can help you to identify the quality and validity of your pages in Google’s eyes. Their crawl will evaluate your pages and identify the ones that are not being indexed by Google and are therefore not benefiting your SEO. This enables you evaluate and make changes to pages in order to boost their search engine traffic.


Link analysis

Not all inbound links to your site are worth the same; sites with a good reputation and plenty of visitors are worth more than lots of poorer quality links from less trusted, less established websites. This analysis section will show you the quality of your links and how worthy they are of having.

Lost links & new links

This function enables you to frequently check your link levels. You are able to view the rate at which you’re a losing inbound links to your site. You are also able to frequently check new inbound links coming to your website, allowing you to see who is linking to your site and whether your link building has been successful.

With our subscription to Analytics SEO Monitoring Software you will be able to manage and monitor your SEO in order to boost your website’s traffic.

For a small monthly subscription, we can provide you with access, training and set-up that can help you to boost your site’s performance and compare your ranking against your competitors. Get in touch to find out more.


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