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You may have noticed a change in the layout of the search engine results this week, like the one shown in the image below.  Google have rolled out an update, meaning that the first result may have up to 12 inner site links in a listing.

Google sitelinks update

It was thought that this change would only affect websites belonging to bigger companies, but it now appears to be working on most websites. You will only see this new layout if you are using a modern browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer 7 or higher) and it will only be displayed on specific search results where Google is fairly sure that the website is the one that you are looking for, so you may not see this new layout every time that you search.

The idea behind this change is that it will make it easier for visitors to your site to find what they are looking for, directing them more quickly to the relevant page.

So what does this mean for your site? Well firstly, for this to work it will mean that the navigation for your site will need to be well structured. This is an automatic feature of Google and it will pick pages that it can find and sees best placed to appear in these results. You cannot control which pages are displayed, although you can ask Google not to pull certain ones, it is no guarantee that this will happen.

You will also need to make sure that your page titles are clearly named. It can pull in pages from blogs so make sure titles are more meaningful than March 2011 if you want to encourage people to click through to your site.

It may also make a difference to your analytics. If people are being led to the information that they want more easily, you may see a fall in the number of pages viewed on your site. This will also give you a more accurate view as to which pages on your site are the most popular.

If you have any further questions about these changes to Google sitelinks, please contact Urban Element.

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