How To Recover Lost Content In Business Catalyst

How To Recover Lost Content In Business Catalyst Archive

In The Beginning

The Content Managing aspect of Business Catalyst (BC) proves to be very useful for many of our clients as it offers a fool proof editing capability for them. But no matter how fool proof the system is, there is always the danger that content may vanish from the page due to a number of unpredictable factors.

Bibury Court Website Screenshot

So Is The Content Gone?

Is there a simple solution to this potentially massive inconvenience? That is the question we were asked recently by one of our clients, who runs the lovely Bibury Court hotel. She spent hours typing the content in, using the In-Context editing mode BC offers, which just disappeared. So what is the solution?

Lost Content

Do Not Panic!

That’s where the BC Archive and Rollback feature comes into play. You can find it when you log in to the admin area of your website in the right-hand column of the page the content of which you are trying to restore, as highlighted by the pink arrow below:

Rollback Feature

It’s All In There

Once you are there, you’ll find all of the previous content that you have created for this particular page (for the last 90 days anyway to be precise).

Choosing the correct date

Don’t Forget To Save It

All you have to do now, is just preview the content to see if it is the one you are looking for and then click Rollback button. This will take you back to the editing mode which you’ll have to review and save and publish as shown on the image bellow.

Saving and publishing

Be Safe Next Time

One of the possible ways to protect yourself from losing the content in the future would be to type it in one of your favourite word processors that you are familiar with (for example Microsoft Word or Pages) and then just copy and paste it into your web page. This means that you will always have a document that you can go back to easily if needed.

Use off-line familiar tool to create content

Now Your Turn

Please tell us how you deal with these issues to help your clients. It also would be very interesting to hear if your CMS offers a better solution.

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