It pays to be mobile responsive

It pays to be mobile responsive User Experience

Today's competitive websites are designed for a mobile responsive world. User experience is key when designing a website. The more user friendly your website is across all devices (mobiles, tablets etc.), the more chance you have of the consumer staying on your site.

Mobile responsive is no longer an optional requirement but more recently a standard requirement for all potential clients I meets with. Our most recent clients Shawcity Limited, Avatu Ltd and Oxford Capital Partners LLP; the expectation has simply been that their sites would be mobile responsive. With mobile usage expected to surpass desktop usage before the end of 2014 (800 million in 2009 -> 1.9 billion in 2015) and with more mobile devices on earth than people, it's no surprise!' - Natasha Ellard, Director of Urban Element

What does the consumer want?


If a website is not mobile responsive, your bounce rate for mobile devices is likely to be a high percentage. No one wants to pinch the screen and zoom in, and then attempt to navigate around the landing page because the whole page doesn't fit in the frame. Your consumers will more likely press the 'back' button, and go to a competitor website that is mobile responsive and where the information they need is more readily available. Why?...

...because 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed and convenience


If your website doesn't fall under this, it is likely to fail in this 81% of mobile searches. But that’s only half the battle; carefully considering your customer journey on your responsive website is key. Websites that have opted for a quick fix mobile response website are seeing bounce rates of 70% and higher, enforcing how important the mobile user experience is. Therefore it is important to find a company who can build an effective mobile responsive website to suit your business needs.

What the statistics are saying:

2014 statistics indicate that people tend to use their phone for the research step of their purchase or enquiry. This means that having a mobile responsive website is crucial because of the important role it plays in lead and sales cycles. Despite overall conversion rates still being higher on desktop computers, if a consumer's first experience with your business is via mobile, make sure it's positive or risk damaging their perception towards your brand. According to the recent Harris Poll, 63% of consumers are less likely to buy from the same company via other purchasing channels after abandoning a mobile transaction due to a poor experience.

'Over the last 24 months we have spent an increasing amount of time with existing clients to explore the benefits of evolving the current site into a responsive website. We have recently delivered responsive re-developments for Champion Timber and Natural Grocery Store and seen immediate results in conversions and online sales'. Jon Ellard, Director of Urban Element

Having a mobile responsive website can still prompt the consumer into inquiring or purchasing from yourselves. At Urban Element we design a mobile responsive site to drive follow up actions. This is evident with our client Champion Timber. Since building them a mobile responsive website we have seen the following for their mobile traffic:

  • 26% increase in goal completions 
  • 100% increase in call backsnat
  • 128% increase in brochure requests
  • 27% increase in quote requests

We employ numerous strategies and tools to achieve this, from adding smart menus, call to actions and reformatting content in a behaviour led, friendly, and usable way. The researching consumer is then encouraged, for example, to continue browsing on your site, to visit the store, to make a phone call, purchase or share your content over social media. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with our clients, generating goals for the project that flow through the design and build of a mobile responsive website. 

On average there are between 60 and 70%  abandoned baskets sitting online. Having a mobile responsive website with the necessary calls to actions, suited to the mobile device and the user on the go, offering the consumer an opportunity to inquire, will help your business increase sales and conversion rates.


Get your share of the action


UK shoppers last year spent £91 billion online, and by the end of this year it is estimated that we would have spent £107 billion online. Of the year 2013's online sales, £3 billion were placed on a mobile device, and by the end of this year it is expected that UK retailers will take nearly £5 billion in m-commerce sales. More than a quarter of all online sales in the UK are made through mobile devices and by 2018, this figure will be near two in five.


Just how big is mobile becoming during the busy festive period?


The infamous Christmas adverts and famously, the retailer John Lewis whose Christmas ad last year trended globally, this year put digital first. Before airing 'Monty the Penguin' on TV, it was first released on Twitter and YouTube.


John Lewis reported in January this year that 70% of their online Christmas visitors came onto their site from a mobile device. This Christmas they are expecting mobile phones to outstrip traffic from desktops on Christmas day


Is your website catering to your mobile audience? If you're unsure, let us help


Shopping on mobile devices will account for the increasing share of all UK retail e-commerce sales, so make sure you are ready for this opportunity with a website that is mobile responsive


Contact either Natasha or Jon to find out how Urban Element can help.

Matt Thomason
- SEO Specialist

As a Digital Marketing Executive, Matt specialises in the reporting, analysis and implementation of SEO best practice on clients' websites. His role at Urban Element is to ensure websites are being indexed by search engines, ranking for target topics/keywords and are appearing on visible SERPs. Matt has experience of working with various search marketing tools, such as Moz, Screaming Frog and Google Analytics, as well as popular CMS Adobe Business Catalyst and Wordpress.


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