More than 2 million stolen Facebook, LinkedIn and Google passwords

More than 2 million stolen Facebook, LinkedIn and Google passwords Archive

According to a report by security firm Trustwave, more than 2 million account passwords have been leaked online from social media sites including Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Trustwave have reported that more than 1,500,00 website login credentials have been stolen from users around the world, along with 320,000 email account credentials. 

During an interview with the BBC - security researchers from Trustwave stated the passwords appeared to have been uploaded by a 'criminal gang' using malicious software that track and log pressed keys from a user's computer.

A spokesperson from Facebook has said that the social media site has issued password resets to those who have been affected and are encouraging people to use 'Facebook login approvals'. These send the user a notification when someone has attempted to access their account from a browser which is not recognised. There is then a two step process for added security to authenticate and access the users account.  

LinkedIn has also cautioned users to use added protection against this malicious software and noted that they are now working with Spiderlabs to reset passwords for those who have been affected by the leak.  

A spokesperson from Google declined to comment on the incident but did encourage users with security concerns to read Google's account protection features. 

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