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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are the messages that web pages use to store information about visits to web pages. We use them on the UE website and they are used at some level on all our client sites because we use cookies to track visitors through google analytics.

How does this effect us?

New Privacy & Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR)  require all websites  with a UK website presence to clearly identify that they are using cookies. This is to protect users privacy, and at the moment ‘implied consent’ which would be the ideal and least intrusive solution is not considered sufficient. So other solutions that still comply but do not interfere too much with the web design are needed.

You can read the full government implementation guide by following the link

What’s the solution?

Urban Element are currently in the process of identifying the cookies they use on the UE website and we will be adding a cookie law solution to the UE website soon as an example of best practice.  We will share this with all our followers and will  be in touch with all our clients to help them implement effective and tailored solutions.

We would love to hear your comments and if you have seen any good solutions on other websites please let us know.

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- Director

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