New Updates to Facebook

New Updates to Facebook Archive

In what is being seen as a bid to take on Twitter more fiercely, Facebook has now added the ability to ‘subscribe’ to individual users and pages. As with Twitter, you do not need to know someone to subscribe to them and they do not have to approve you to allow you to see their updates.

When subscribing to a profile, you can select what kind of updates you want to subscribe to, however, the profile has to mark their update as public in order for you to be able to see it. This is in line with the recent updates to the privacy settings that Facebook recently added whereby you can select whether to share your updates and photos with friends or make them public, and also whether to add a location as shown below:

Facebook sharing options

You can also subsribe to the updates of people that you are already friends with, meaning that you can limit the updates that you receive from them (for example, you can stop viewing someone’s Farmville update).

To allow people to subscribe to your profile, you will need to turn this option on as it is not currently a default for all users. You can read more about the update or find out how to add the subscribe button to your own profile here.

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