Small businesses now able to use Twitter advertising in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

Small businesses now able to use Twitter advertising in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Archive

Twitter has announced today that small-medium sized businesses in the UK, Ireland and Canada will be able to make use of its self-serve advertising platform. 

All a small business owner needs is a Twitter account and credit card to start advertising. Twitter says there will only be a charge when people follow your promoted account, retweet or reply, favorite or click on your promoted tweets. There will never be a charge for organic Twitter activity. You are in control of your ads, the audience you want to reach and your budget. 

Twitter built this advertising platform last March and opened it up to all small-medium businesses in the US in April this year. Previously all businesses outside of the US had to liaise with Twitter in order to put up ads. With this latest move, it is thought that a large number of small businesses will sign on to place ads on the network. 

Why is Twitter doing this? As Twitter has recently put shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the company must show its investors how it can continue to attract advertisers to the platform and boost revenue.

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