Support of Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Support of Internet Explorer 6 and 7 Archive

End of IE6

Before Christmas, Microsoft announced that they would no longer be supporting versions 6 or 7 of their Internet Explorer browser. The browser is currently on version 9, with version 10 being tested and from January 2012, Microsoft have begun automatically updating users across the world to newer versions.

Microsoft have been keen to stop people using  these old versions for a while as  they do not support many features used by modern websites, including the new Timeline layout of Facebook.

As such, Urban Element will no longer be working to make all functionality of our websites compliant with these versions of the browser. Although we will ensure that the websites still display correctly, we will not guarantee that any advanced functionality that is used on the website will work in these browsers, and will instead encourage users to download a more up to date browser where this is used.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us. You can also download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft website.

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