The UK Merger of Yahoo! & Bing Search Is Here

The UK Merger of Yahoo! & Bing Search Is Here Archive

Yahoo! has announced that as of August 3rd 2011, their search results in much of Europe will be powered by Bing. This is the latest step in a merger between the two search engines that was announced in 2009. Established in 1994, Yahoo! had previously used Google’s search technology before launching its own search engine in 2004. So what will this mean for you?

In truth, probably not a lot. The search market is dominated by Google who power 92% of the searches globally, with Yahoo! controlling just over 3% and so the impact this is likely to have on traffic to your website is minimal. Yahoo! will continue to exist as its own website, with paid search results remaining independent from Bing for now.

This comes a little more than 3 weeks after they announced the closure of Yahoo! Site Explorer, a tool that was used to analyse and control websites in its search database, as they instead push users towards Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

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