Twin Town Challenge 2016: Uber Element

Twin Town Challenge 2016: Uber Element News

With the success of last year’s Twin Town Challenge, we couldn’t say no to competing again. Next year, Uber Element will be driving to Witney’s twin town, Le Touquet in France and back via Silverstone, in an old London taxi.

After much debate, the office eventually settled on ‘Uber Element’ as the team name – despite a couple of people not being familiar with the popular taxi service.

Why we’re doing it

We have now been working with SpecialEffect for 4 years as one of our chosen charities, having completed a responsive redesign of their website earlier this year. SpecialEffect create, modify and adapt gaming controls for people with physical disabilities, helping them to enjoy gaming and bringing a sense of inclusion with their friends and families.

Having competed in last year’s Twin Town Challenge, we knew that it was not only a great way to raise much needed funds for the charity, but also an amazing experience and great networking opportunities. Last year, we met and dined our fantastic client ShawCity.

Uber Element digital marketing

Owner of Smart Multi Services, Roger Smart, helped Jon and Natasha source the taxi on eBay and was also instrumental in helping legal advice experts, Everyman Legal, purchase their Jaguar for under £500.

Being a self-confessed doctor of cars, Jon and Natasha knew it would be a good idea to have Roger and his partner Ann, join the team and fill the final spaces in the taxi. Roger is currently working on the 18-year-old taxi to ensure it makes the 430-mile trip, as well as the 12 challenges. Roger will also be on hand to mend any potential breakdowns on the trip.

"I not only thought it would be a great opportunity to carry on working with Jon and Natasha but cars are what I do. I used to organise car events and I’ve done similar stuff before so I thought the Twin Town Challenge would be a great thing to get involved with."

The taxi

With Roger in the process of working under the bonnet and remapping the engine, our branding experts Dan and Ben are currently working on designing custom body wraps. They will be presenting them to Jon and Natasha who will choose which one to cover the taxi with. With last year’s modification having its own bar, we’re planning on adding something really unique to the taxi this year. Another reason for choosing the taxi was its ability to accommodate wheelchair users. We will be working with SpecialEffect to help get their supporters to various Twin Town events. 

Our reason for getting the taxi is that we will be turning it into a mobile social media hub. We plan on modifying the taxi in a way that will allow people to visit us, for advice and support on updating social media and blogs whilst away. With plans still in the pipeline we’ll be keeping you updated on the taxi’s progress in our upcoming blogs.

Poll position

Back in February, Jon and Natasha attended the SpecialEffect Legend Lunch at Twickenham Stadium, alongside rugby legends Paul Wallace, Simon Shaw and Zinzan Brooke. After watching a moving video about some of the magical moments SpecialEffect create for the people they help, Jon and Natasha got carried away in an intense bidding war with Polythene UK to win poll position for Twin Town 2016. £2,400 later, Jon and Natasha walked away with pride of place and will be starting the challenge in front of the 100 car fleet.

There’s still time to enter!

The main focus of the event is obviously to raise money for SpecialEffect, but there are so many other great factors to this event. Whether you’re looking for business networking, quality colleague team building, the opportunity to drive iconic racing circuits or just a fun-filled weekend; Twin Town Challenge has it all.

Having raised an incredible £110,000 last year and with next year’s event promising to be bigger and better, Twin Town 16 is hoping to raise £250,000. We hope that with both of our teams we will be able to make a significant contribution to this goal.


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