Twitter to allow users to DM anyone!

Twitter to allow users to DM anyone! Archive


After watching the success of photo and video-sharing apps like Snapchat, Twitter is working on bringing the direct message facility to all its users, according to a report

For weeks, Twitter has been internally testing a setting that allows users to send and receive direct messages from others without needing to mutually follow one another. Earlier this week, the company began testing the new function by rolling it out to the public in a small capacity. 

However, Twitter's new vision for direct messages will go further. The report goes on to say that in previous weeks Twitter has considered launching a standalone direct-messaging application  separate from the Twitter app. This is said to be much like the Snapchat app, which allows users to share photos and videos with a limited time capacity of 10 seconds. Twitter has also supposedly met with employees from other messaging services. 

The obvious concern is that being able to send and receive direct messages with any user could allow for more spam, but it is unclear what form the final revamp of direct messages will take. Time to watch this space!


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