UrbanBites: Optimising Your Personal Twitter Profile for Business

UrbanBites: Optimising Your Personal Twitter Profile for Business Social Media

Welcome to the first of our UrbanBites video series, where our experts share bite sized hints and tips on website design and online marketing. This week Dougie Handford talks through how to optimise your personal Twitter profile for a business context. 


Example Profile

To illustrate the above points I’m going to talk you through my own Twitter profile. As one of the social media specialists at Urban Element, this profile was adapted to aid my own Twitter presence and assert myself as an authority, whilst also aiding Urban Element’s marketing efforts.

Header Image

The Twitter header image is a large 1200x600 pixel space where users can post an image of their choice. The size and positioning of this space gives users an opportunity to promote themselves, their company, and their expertise. There are two things a user should think about when choosing this image:

  • How will this image proposition my audience?
  • Can this image promote my current social media campaign?

I chose a purely image based header as I had access to an image that clearly positions me as working within social media, and is on-brand for Urban Element’s new website, one of the main internal marketing goals within the company. If you don’t already have an appropriate image, we’d recommend creating one with your company’s branding and a text based proposition. You may also want to consider using this space to promote other means of contacting or following you, especially if you have other social media channels you may want your audience to interact with you on.

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is your audience’s chance to put a face to the name. An audience is more likely to trust and engage with a profile if the avatar shows an accurate depiction of the person behind the account. 

The best profile images show the account’s owner in a professional and approachable manner. In mine I chose an image that was consistent with my profile on the new Urban Element website. Keep your profile image clean, friendly and ensure it is the image you want your clients or customers to see.

Twitter Handle

Your Twitter handle is your identity on the platform so it’s important to get it right. I chose @UEdougieH as it backs up the theme of aligning my personal Twitter with Urban Element. When choosing your Twitter handle try to weigh up the differences between saying who you are and saying what you do.

Twitter Bio

Your Bio is one of the first opportunities you will have to actively communicate with your audience. This means that you need to get it right.

The mistake many people fall in to is to just use their job title and company name, to focus too much on personal hobbies, or leave it blank.

A Twitter bio is not just a place for introducing yourself. It should be treated as an opportunity to give people a reason to follow your updates. Think of your bio as a 10 second elevator speech. What would you say to a business network if you had to introduce yourself in a sentence?

Mine reads: “Helping businesses thrive through strategic content marketing and social media.” Not only does this describe my day to day activities, but it introduces my expertise, and gives a reason for other users to follow me.

Link to Website

The last aspect of a well optimised Twitter profile is a link to your businesses website. After introducing yourself and your company, adding a link to your website allows your audience to find out more about what they can gain from interacting with you.

This completes a compelling and easy to follow User Experience and allows fellow users to understand who I am, what I Tweet about, and how I can add value to their online activities.

Maximise your social media Potential

Urban Element hold complimentary Social Media seminars where one of our experts provide hints and tips on how to make Twitter and LinkedIn work for your business. Book your place here.

Alternatively follow Urban Element or @UEdougieH on Twitter for help and advice on how to use online marketing to maximise your business potential.

Matt Thomason
- SEO Specialist

As a Digital Marketing Executive, Matt specialises in the reporting, analysis and implementation of SEO best practice on clients' websites. His role at Urban Element is to ensure websites are being indexed by search engines, ranking for target topics/keywords and are appearing on visible SERPs. Matt has experience of working with various search marketing tools, such as Moz, Screaming Frog and Google Analytics, as well as popular CMS Adobe Business Catalyst and Wordpress.


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