Why you should be involved with Twin Town Challenge

Why you should be involved with Twin Town Challenge News

5 ways to support the SpecialEffect Twin Town Challenge and 5 Commercial Advantages of being involved.

The aims of this blog are:

1) To create awareness of SpecialEffect and the Twin Town Challenge

2) To give entrants, supporters and sponsors 5 easy ways to support SpecialEffect’s online presence

3) To create a discussion around 5 commercial advantages of entering a team

1)  To create awareness of SpecialEffect and the Twin Town Challenge


SpecialEffect are a West Oxfordshire based charity who use technology to better the lives of disabled people. Their mission is to enable anyone, whatever the disability, to enjoy video games and leisure technology. Using specially designed computer games they aim to kick start rehabilitation, raise self-esteem and help participation. You can see some of the wonderful work they do in this video of Charlotte, a 4 year old who lost substantial part of her four limbs to meningitis.

In 2011 Urban Element designed their new website and we would encourage you to visit in order to find out more.  

‘SpecialEffect have to increase their fundraising by over a third this year, from around £450,000 to £750,000, in order to meet the demand for their services.’

Mark Saville SpecialEffect

The Twin Town Challenge 23rd May to 26th May 2014

1 Weekend, 3 Race Tracks, 12 Challenges, 1000 Miles in a £500 Car!

Are you up for the challenge? Join the Twin Town challenge from Witney to France on 23-26 May 2014.

‘In a year when a significant increase in revenue is necessary to fulfil requests for support, the primary objective of the SpecialEffect Twin Town Challenge is to raise a minimum of £75k for the charity and the secondary objective is to place the fundraising needs of SpecialEffect firmly in the minds of the participating organisations’.

Brendon Cross
Managing Director STL

To find out more please visit – http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/twin-town-challenge-2014

2)   To give entrants, supporters and sponsors 5 easy ways to support Special Effect’s online presence

The target is to increase these figures by 25% before May 2014 and by a further 25% during the 3 day event itself. So how can you help?

Before the promotion of this event started SpecialEffect had:

-          On average 12,500 Monthly Website views

-          5,683 Twitter Followers

-          3,037 FaceBook likes

-          71,097 YouTube Views

In the last 3 weeks this has increased to:

-          Websites visits tbc

-          5,722 Twitter Followers

-          3,078 FaceBook likes

-         73,237  YouTube Views

So the first easy way for you to help support SpecialEffect is to:

The more people actively engaging in the #TwinTown community there are, the more likely it is that the event will trend, and the charity will gain its well deserved recognition.

Secondly, if you have entered the challenge please register and complete your profile page and encourage you online community to visit.

There are up to 250 points available for completing your profile:

25 points just for completing the basic profile entry fields

50 points for the team that get the most FaceBook profile likes by the start of the challenge (23rd May 14)

75 points for the team that get the most profile Tweets by the start of the challenge (23rd May 14)

100 points for the team with the best profile (to be decided by the Judges). Note: outrageous photos and a fully completed profile will form part of the judging.

If you haven’t entered already please seriously consider entering. The final part of this blog will detail some of the commercial benefits. If you don’t enter please still visit the profile pages and find out more about the businesses involved (you never know you may find a new supplier there with a common cause).

Thirdly, please comment and contribute to the SpecialEffect blog and supporters blogs:

SpecialEffect will be writing a few but please start by commenting on the link below:


Fourthly, if you can’t enter please consider a donation or prize for the Gala BBQ and Prize Giving on 26th May 14.

Donate here http://www.justgiving.com/TwinTown

Contact Mark or Nick on Email: info@specialeffect.org.uk

Finally, SpecialEffect and the Twin Town organisers couldn’t have got this far without the initial sponsorship from:


So please view their sites and support their social media platforms.


3)  To create a discussion around 5 commercial advantages of entering a team

We know that some people will be looking at the event and sitting on the fence, wondering what benefit will come from getting involved. But we think that the question you need to ask yourself is can you afford not to be involved?

At Urban element, we support SpecialEffect for the cause – but we also know that being involved in the event will increase our company profile. The following 5 points will hopefully start some conversation and debate around the commercial benefits:

1)      Content is King for your website and Social Media Strategy

The Twin Town Challenge will provide you with great content for your news / blogs, newsletters and social media channels. Discuss why you are involved, the synergy with your products & services and how the challenge matches core values and company ethics. One of our core values is guts, humour, and fun which ties in nicely with this challenge. So find your angle and then put in place a 6 month communication plan.

If you are new to the world of social media we are running a complimentary workshop on Twitter and LinkedIn for Twin Town entrants. To book please visit https://bookwhen.com/etw86

2)      Team Building / Morale

Involve your team and take satisfaction in the changes it makes in the workplace. Like many companies, we want our office to be a vibrant fun place to work, and using the Twin Town Challenge as a base, we have a splendid plan to do this.

Which is why we will be holding team building events and internal competitions, the overall winner of which will be invited to join the team as they race around Britain and France. We know that working towards this event has already boosted morale within the company and the events we have planned will only continue to help.

3)      Networking and Offers

Your team will be sharing the experience with 74 other businesses and teams. Through the pre events, online marketing and the three day challenge itself you will have the perfect opportunity to refer business, build relationships and promote your products and services. Start by completing your profile and adding links to your website and social media channels. Then follow, like and connect with race competitors. If you want to go the whole hog then tailor a product, package, offer and or a promotion for the other entrants. We are offering a complimentary website review to all entrants which we will discuss with the entrant over the three day challenge. Bridle Insurance have come up with this amazing offer:

Bridle committed to donate their fee/commission from any business or household insurance policy taken out by any business or person taking part in the Twin Town Challenge 2014.

4)     Business Development with Customers and Suppliers

A quick and simple win in inviting a key customer or supplier. Who do you want to win more work from? Who do you want to do more work with? Invite them, share the experience and see the relationship develop.

5)      Good Marketing and Public Relations (PR)

When it comes to Marketing and PR we thought we would refer to the experts and two fellow supporters of the Twin Town Challenge (TTC).

“Make sure you maximise the PR opportunities that the TTC presents for your organisation. Maybe ask the local paper to cover your car’s send off from your office or get your suppliers to sponsor bits of the car and have a photo with them as a thank you. Trade press are always happy to print a good photo and good images are everything and having a car with logos on and your team in corporate kit will mean lots of good profile in photo opportunities.

Don’t forget to send the TTC marketing team details or links to any press coverage so that they can use it too on the TTC website and in their social media – more coverage for you – and don’t forget that the words you write for the press release can be used on your website as news, as a blog and on all your social media pages.

Finally, during the rally it is a good idea to post a daily blog with photos and to use Facebook and Twitter (don’t forget to use the #TwinTown) and remember to send out a press release afterwards to your trade press – milk the PR opportunities to your benefit!”

Jo Sensecall

Marketing Sense

“Entering the Special Effect Twin Town Challenges gives your company, your product and your brand a number of fantastic and unique PR opportunities to engage with your community and target media.  Ultimately the event is about raising funds and the profile of an incredible charity but in doing so your participation offers the added bonus of spreading your messages and raising your own company profile.   Some tips on how to benefit from your involvement:

*  Sign up as early as you can – giving you more time to maximise the opportunities

*  Look at fun and creative ways to involve your community eg customers, media, suppliers – from asking for sponsorship, running competitions to design the look of the car, to helping you find a car.

*  Use the Twin Town Challenge blog to share your progress eg pimping the car

*  Let everyone within your company know that you’re taking part and make them part of the support team and encourage them to contribute ideas – with everyone on board you can enhance your reach via social media.

* Photos and video – take lots!  Share them with us – together with any news on unusual cars, team outfits etc and we’ll use them in our PR/social media efforts.

*  Maybe bring a journalist or customer with you – spending time together ‘off the clock’ can create strong relationships.

From fun photo opportunities, to competitions to name a car or design the car’s exterior the scope is as broad as you want to make it.”

Alison Beasley

Lincoln Beasley

So the final words from us are ‘Get involved and spread the word’

Jon Ellard
- Director

A results driven, self-motivated and resourceful director with a proven ability to develop and strengthen client relationships. With 14 years marketing experience Jon’s main focus is to ensure clients receive return on investment from their online investment. Jon has excellent people skills and possesses the valuable ability to explain technically-complex subjects and make them comprehensible.


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