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The culture of marketing has changed in recent years. As consumers turn away from traditional interruptive forms of marketing, such as magazine ads and TV ads, content marketing is becoming increasingly important, with major corporations investing time and money into content.

Google Panda Algorithm Update Content marketing holds many SEO advantages. The Google Panda update rewards websites for having consistently high quality content meaning that focusing on content marketing could be the difference between being featured on page 1 or page 2 of the search engine results page (SERP).

If done effectively, Content Marketing can be a powerful way to build a sustainable loyal audience who engage with your company message and actively choose you over competitors.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing involves the creation, curation and distribution of relevant, valuable and unique content with the goal of driving profit. This content can be a combination of text, image or video.

It differs to traditional marketing practices by being non-interruptive. Whereas traditional marketing sells a product; good content marketing changes the way people act and think about a brand. This is done by creating an engaging message that educates and entertains a visitor. This adds value to their experience, beyond what is normally expected.

This sees customers actively seeking out certain brands over their competitors because of the way they have positioned themselves. All this makes for a smooth and organic sales process and the creation of a loyal customer base.

Our process to building a content marketing strategy.

Planning and goal setting

At the heart of every successful content marketing project is a thoughtful plan that aligns with broader business goals. As every project is different it is important for us to understand the business and its content goals

Common goals could include:

  • Proving corporate social responsibility
  • Asserting brand position
  • Proving experience and passion for the industry
  • Creating dialogue around the brand

As a part of the campaign we will audit any current content on the website and ensure it is working as hard as it can.


Identify the audience

To maintain an organic sustainable growth, the campaign must successfully engage with people. We create an audience profile document in order to understand the wants and needs of key demographics and develop a concept and tone of voice that will target them effectively.


Create a story

Create a campfire story with content marketing With set goals and a clear audience, we can start to build an engaging narrative through which to market a business. This is an open creative process and the resulting story will be the main pillar of the content strategy.


Decide on channels

How, when and why the audience are receiving the message are just as important as the message itself. We identify the correct channels to broadcast the message and ensure it is hitting the correct demographic.


Develop a process

All our content is completed in conjunction with a process. We work with keyword research and run all our work through tools to ensure a high quality and an appropriate keyword density. We then have the content peer reviewed and signed off by the client before it goes live.


Join the conversation

Good content marketing should be engaging. The most effective content marketing strategies are accompanied by a h3 social or email marketing campaign that directly involves the audience and encourages them to take part in the conversation. As part of the content marketing service we help to develop and grow the audience through social channels and newsletter campaigns.


Measure your progress

The content we produce needs to be consistent and measurable. The campaign will be monitored through a bench marking report and assessed in terms of sales, visits, and customer retention rates.

Content marketing may be time consuming, however it is relatively inexpensive and the promise of a loyal, engaged and interested customer base mean that the rewards are large.


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