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An important part of your company's branding, and offline marketing is printed material. This may take the form of printed brochures, exhibition banners, product guides, leaflets, business stationery, annual reports, or packaging.

Although online presence is increasingly important, it is important not to ignore the value of printed marketing. Working alongside your digital efforts, well designed printed material can work alone or support the full customer experience of your brand both online and offline.

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Urban Element have an experienced team of graphic designers with extensive knowledge of graphic design for print, including expertise in typographical hierarchy and layout. We can assist with all aspects of print design helping you carry a consistent and visually powerful brand message across all of your marketing efforts.

Why should you be considering printed material alongside your digital identity?

Many existing businesses have migrated their advertising efforts to digital, and many startups focus purely on online marketing. Driving factors behind this are often cost effectiveness, targeted audience reach, and convenience. Print however is still a powerful and potentially huge component of a successful marketing and branding campaign. There are numerous advantages to using print media, either as an independent marketing stream, or as an integrated channel with your online plan.

Some of the advantages of print:

  • A printed article is a tangible, physical item, and as such may have a long lifespan, often remaining in your target audience's office, or home for a long period.
  • Establishing and solidifying your brand – Well thought through, consistent branding through your print and website helps you establish recognisable, trust worthy branding, helping your business to be instantly recognisable to your audience.
  • Print consumers are often more engaged due to the frame of mind and time available when reading printed documentation.
  • Printed media gives a sense of legitimacy and authority. Well designed and well branded printed material can help establish trust where digital marketing only campaigns may come up against trust barriers.
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