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Your website and social media are only a small part of your online presence. There are a huge number of online directories – the digital equivalent of the yellow pages – that provide details of your business. Each provides a different opportunity for your business to be found. Our online directories service ensures your business makes the most of these opportunities from £600+VAT per postcode address.

Some online directories are well known and easily managed, such as Google My Business. Others are more hidden and you may be unaware that your business is featured. These less visible sites can contain outdated or irrelevant information about your business. Urban Element provide a comprehensive online directories and local search service that updates your listings across multiple sites and optimises your business for local search.

What are online directories?

Online directories are websites that provide listings for businesses and organisations based on location, services or other categories. Many of the well-known paper directories, such as Yellow Pages and Thomson Local have moved online. There are also a number of new websites, such as Yelp that have a significant presence. The large search engines such as Google and Bing also have their own directories that link to their online maps. Many smaller directory sites also exist, focusing on a specific geographic area, industry or service.

Appearing in these online directories can have huge SEO benefits and helps your customers to find you wherever they are looking. Inconsistencies in the information published on these directories such as phone numbers, addresses or services can result in lost sales and SEO penalties.

How we can help

Starting from £600+VAT, this one-off service ensures your business is featured on all of the relevant directory sites. We will also update any inconsistencies and errors we find and add any additional information to boost your existing listings. This helps your business to be found online – and guarantees that when you are found your clients see the correct information.

What our directories service includes For £600+VAT for each postcode address, our comprehensive online directories service goes through a defined process for the best results:

  1. Conduct an audit to determine the strength of your current presence across key local directories.
  2. Initial setup and submission of your business’ basic information across 13 online directories.
  3. Over the next two months we will manage the listings to remove duplicates and correct any out of date information.
  4. Report back on the improvement made over the past 2 months to help you assess the ROI.

What is local search?

Location can have a big impact on the relevance of search results. The main search engines such as Google understand this and are putting increasing emphasis on local search. Search engines now include maps and local business listings on search engine results pages. Users often search based on their location – eg 'web design Oxford', and searches on mobile devices will often prioritise nearby results. This makes it increasingly important to optimise your website for local search.

How we can help

As part of our directories service we will ensure that your business is listed correctly in location based directories, such as Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. This allows your site to appear in location based searches.

We can also make further improvements by making changes to your website as part of our wider search engine optimisation packages. For businesses that rely on footfall or customers seeking local suppliers, helping your customers to understand where you're based can drive large numbers of enquiries. With packages starting from £600+VAT, the results are visible and can provide immediate benefits.

Find out how our directory listings and local search service can help your business to be found.

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The benefits of directory listings and local search optimisation

Our directories and local search service helps you to maximise the return on investment from your other marketing spend. By increasing your visibility online and ensuring your business information is consistent, it can drive enquiries to your website and by phone and lead to increased footfall at your physical location.

Our directories service provides a range of benefits to your business:

  • makes your business more visible
  • drives more enquiries
  • ensures your contact information is correct and consistent wherever it appears
  • helps customers to find your location and get directions.

Our directory listings service can provide even greater return on investment when combined with our comprehensive search engine optimisation service.

The rise of mobile

The increase in smartphone usage has seen an increase in the importance of local search. Around more than 50% of Google searches are now performed on mobile [1]. Many search engines use your phone's location to provide more relevant details, making accurate directory listings essential to the success of your business. Perhaps more importantly, 78% of local searches on mobile resulted in purchases [2] – the majority of which were in-store.

  1. More than half of Google searches now come from mobile, MashableUK, first accessed 28 November 2016
  2. Study: 78 Percent Of Local-Mobile Searches Result In Offline Purchases, Search Engine Land, first accessed 28 November 2016


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