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AirTanker LTD are an innovative, highly respected global aeronautical brand providing aircraft delivery, engineering, training, aircraft maintenance, and key operational planning to the Ministry of Defence. They are the consortium behind industry leaders such as Cobham, EADS, Rolls-Royce, Thales and Babcock. Visit the AirTanker Ltd site

The Brief

AirTanker Ltd came to us with the challenge of delivering a new corporate website and sub-site that would prove critical to their broader communications strategy and overall brand positioning, in a strict three month deadline. 

Visually, these sites needed to be cutting edge and professional, reflecting the world leading status that the client commanded. They would be mobile responsive and be based on innovative, state-of-the-art technology.

The project consisted of clearly communicating two specific brands, AirTanker Ltd and Voyager.  AirTanker Ltd would convey the commercial message and voyager would target their more niche military audience. Sending the correct brand messages was an important part of the design and build. 

The solution

One of the successes in this project was the rapport built between the client and the core business team during the consultancy period. The goals and function of the website were quickly established. As the client wanted control over their own website hosting the websites were built the Sitefinity content management system (CMS).

With two sites and a complex set of brand guidelines, one of the key challenges of the project was getting the tone and brand image right. This made the design stage key to the success of the project. Using simple, intelligent designs we let the sites do the talking. Bold imagery has been used to set the tone of the site .

In fulfilling the brief, navigation and user journey were augmented with modern, attractive tools such as Push menus. Push menus were employed as an efficient space saving tool that both convey key messages whilst providing a seamless user journey.

It was important to maintain synergy between the core AirTanker Ltd website and the Voyager sub-site whilst allowing each to stand alone and communicate with its own specific audience. This was achieved by taking many of the design features from AirTanker Ltd and applying these to Voyager. By keeping the two sites synonymous, we were able to show the relationship, whilst still allowing enough room for each site to show independence and have the freedom to promote the separate identities. 

AirTanker Ltd was one of our first mobile responsive website projects. Using HTML5 and CSS3 we built a slick responsive system that performs seamlessly across a full range of mobile devices.

AirTanker Ltd and Voyager passed through a variety of quality assessments. Once we were confident these were sites that would make us proud, we asked the client to conduct a thorough user acceptance test. Both sites passed and were put live within the deadline.

The Results

AirTanker Ltd and Voyager were a huge success. By following a well-practiced and efficient process we were able to deliver a complex project within a tight deadline.
Since go live, the site has been fully indexed and has excellent engagement, with low bounce rates, the average visitor viewing four pages per visit, and staying on the site for over three minutes. 

The purpose of AirTanker Ltd was to act as the brand’s online presence and reinforce the corporate message, and looking at these figures it is clear that visitors are actively engaging with the site and the message it is communicating.
John Warren, the Corporate Communications Manager of AirTanker was pleased with these results and the service we offered. 

He said: “Ever since our first meetings, the AirTanker Services and Urban Element teams enjoyed a high level of rapport. From our perspective it wasn’t a traditional supplier relationship, we were working alongside ‘colleagues’, who were equally committed to delivering for AirTanker as we were.”

“That we continue to work with Urban Element and will continue to do so going forward, is testimony in itself.”

Project team

Jon Ellard Dan Shelton Chris Sawyer Matt Gilbert

Client Testimonial

"Ever since our first meetings, the AirTanker Services and Urban Element teams enjoyed a high level of rapport. Relationships were open and honest from day one and we fully believe that that supported successful delivery. That we continue to work with Urban Element and will continue to do so going forward, is testimony in itself."

John Warren (Corporate Communications Manager) – AirTanker Ltd

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