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FiDUS Power is a new vendor of power supplies to electronics manufacturers. Though FiDUS is a new business, the company is backed by a team with a extensive experience in the market. We worked with them to develop a strong ecommerce site that is competitive with the existing players in their sector. Visit the FiDUS Power site

The brief

FiDUS is latin for reliability, trustworthiness and credibility. It was essential that the new website represented these values and helped to establish the brand as a leading supplier of power supplies and converters.

They required a site that was modern and provided a user experience that surpassed competitor's sites. Having an extensive catalogue with a number of different categories made this a challenge, which required us to gain a deep understanding of their audiences.

As a new business, the central goal of the website was to raise awareness and bring in customers and enquiries. Strong search performance was an important element of this, but we also had to make the on page experience positive. The site had to drive users to contact FiDUS or make a purchase through clear signposting and an intuitive user interface.

The solution

Our main aim was a credible, positive on site experience that promoted trust in what was a new brand. The site had to promote users to engage with the content and complete purchases or contact FiDUS for more information. Our website design process ensured we were well informed before we began the build so we could deliver on the client's goals.

Technical specification

As FiDUS had an extensive product catalogue, understanding how the ecommerce site would work was essential to meeting the needs of the client and users. Our developers worked closely with FiDUS to understand the complexities of the products and developed a taxonomy that would help users find the right products. User personas were an important part of establishing the technical requirements – the site was to be used as the main source of information for the sales team, as well as by customers. Therefore the website had to deliver the needs of these two distinct groups.

The resulting site groups products by their type or by application, then allows precise filtering so that customers can easily find the right products for them. Detailed product information, datasheets and certifications are available in-context so users have all the information they need to make a decision in one place.

The catalogue is also easy to browse so that sales staff can use it to provide telephone and email support to customers and build quotes quickly.

Search engine optimisation

One of the biggest challenges for a new business is getting visibility in search quickly. We created a landing page containing key information as quickly as possible to give their searchability a kick start.
We then used our expertise in organic SEO and keyword research to advise on which keywords the content should target. We took time to understand the product range and the terminology used by the audience to

The website's structure, page titles and URLs were informed by this research to ensure that the site was optimised. We then wrote content for key landing pages that further optimised the site, while also providing useful information to customers, helping to inform their decision to purchase.


The design of the site was led by the need for an intuitive interface and a positive user experience. By taking into account the needs of prospective customers and core values of credibility and trustworthiness, we came up with a clear and open design that uses colour to help guide users to complete their desired actions. The design puts the content at centre stage, helping the buying audience to find the detail they need to make a purchase.

Project team

Natasha Ellard Luke Micallef Dan Shelton Lee Vanstone

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