FOCUS is one of Oxfordshire's largest composite firms of Independent Financial Advisers and Independent Insurance Consultants.They provide bespoke solutions for key financial and insurance requirements to both individual and corporate clients. Visit the FOCUS Oxford LLP site

The Brief

Focus have a strong commitment to the principles of independence, excellence of service and quality solutions provided to both the personal and corporate sectors. Our initial involvement with Focus hinted at a standard website project where the client's requirements were straightforward, essentially bringing their current website up to date in line with other modern sites, and on a platform that would enable them to easy manage and control content. However, during our consultation phase where we explore likes, dislikes and influences, a clear design direction was established based on the client's affinity for imagery used in the BBC's Musketeers TV series.

We also established that the current website offered difficult user journeys with a page heavy website that was struggling to convey both the principals of the company, and the services offered.

The Solution

Based on the consultation meeting it was clear that Focus required a fresh approach to delivering both their message and the full, wide offering of services they provided. Also with a strong direction on design likes and dislikes we faced the challenge of developing a Muskateers' imagery inspired concept, into a modern, user journey centric website.

Two design concepts were created for Focus; one following a more traditional route, retaining much of the traditional structure style that both Focus and competitor websites were using, and a second "one page" approach, where the site was essential turned into a one page experience with a strong focus on the user experience.

Both designs were presented to the client, with relevant pros and cons highlighted. Although the first design was liked, the second approach was clearly in line with the client's direction and offered an approach that Focus were exceptionally happy with and not expecting. The two design concepts before build is part of our design process that allows us to provide customers with both a concept that fulfils the brief and something that pushes boundaries, and in this case this allowed our client to choose a design that rightfully sets them apart from their competitors. 

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