House & Carriage

House and Carriage are a reputable removals, storage and delivery company based in West Oxfordshire. They pride themselves in professionalism and customer service - quoting a simple service, honest pricing and professional execution among their unique sales points. Visit the House & Carriage site

The brief

House and Carriage came to Urban Element wanting to update a well-functioning, but dated looking website - turning it into a modern, professional showcase for the company, one that highlighted who they were and how they liked to do business. It needed to be highly functional, intelligently designed and customer focused with a clear journey from the home page to the enquiry form.

The solution

Urban Element used House and Carriage’s existing branding as the basis for the new website, but much of the rest was built from scratch. Modern websites have to encompass areas that are welcoming, easy to navigate and clear in their messages. This means that the consumer journey becomes paramount. Using sliders we were able to communicate the various messages that would be integral to the success of the site in an efficient and visually attractive manner. We also adapted the block text of the old site to create bite sized chunks of information with a click through link. Doing this we transformed the website into an inspiring space with attractive links, ensuring that the visitor always had a journey mapped out ahead of them.

We knew that highlighting the company’s customer focused philosophies would be an important part of the website’s function. Therefore, pages like the About Us and Help and Advice sections would be an integral part of the consumer’s journey.

In the About Us section we told the story of how two friends created a company in a spare bedroom before turning the business into a forerunner in the Oxfordshire area, giving a real personal touch to the information conveyed.

In the Help and Advice sections we included an F.A.Qs section, an illustrated guide and a recommendations page giving consumers a way to learn about the services, and allowing a softer side to the websites marketing messages.

With a clear journey from the Home Page to the Contact Us page mapped out and implemented, we updated the enquiry form, the final and most important part of the journey. We turned a weaker section of the website into a clear and easy to use tool for getting in contact with the company.

The Results

House and Carriage went live seamlessly and now the team has a website that is beautiful to look at and easy to use. The consumer journey is mapped out in a way that encourages users to stay on the site, looking at an average of over five pages per visit. Charles Schmidt, one of House and Carriage’s co-founders, said that working with Urban Element was great experience: “They were very good - helpful, informative and instilled us with confidence.” Since go-live House and Carriage have been fully indexed and all the keyword terms we are targeting are rising in the rankings. The site has also benefited from:

  • Reduced bounce rates by 14% = more relevant visits
  • An 84% increase in average visit session = more engagement on site 
  • A 16% increase in new visitors = attracting new potential business

We designed a site that is now a central point in their marketing strategy and a showcase for service, professionalism and honesty: all the features that make House and Carriage a truly great Oxfordshire company.

Project team

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