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TJC Group are a globally respected consultancy that specialise in SAP archive management solutions and software. With a strong market presence in France and the UK, TJC Group needed a website that reflected their established nature and supported growth in new markets. This involved redeveloping their brand and combining their existing web properties into a single, focused site. Visit the TJC Group site

TJC Group was established in 1997 and over the last 20 years has seen its customer base expand to over 400 businesses worldwide. The company's web presence had evolved over a number of years and was comprised of several different websites that were increasingly difficult to keep up to date. Their existing brand was also failing to communicate the scale and professionalism of the business.

The brief

TJC Group operate in a niche sector. Their main goal was to ensure that anyone searching for software and consultancy in their key areas of business would find TJC and give them a call. The niche nature of their business meant that detailed keyword research was essential for effective SEO.

Brand was also a core part of the brief. TJC group had a desire to evolve their branding. They also wanted new brand usage guidelines and tone of voice documents that better reflected their business. As part of the rebrand, the business needed designs and printing for all their stationery, marketing collateral and document templates.

The new website had to generate leads and raise awareness of the brand. It needed to keep their audiences engaged through great content and user experience (UX) design. Most importantly, the website design had to convey their brand values of openness, honesty and customer focus.

TJC Group wanted a modern, responsively designed website that would provide a consistent experience on desktop, mobile and tablets. As lead generation was a key focus, they had a requirement for a gated resource area, allowing them to capture user data.

Ongoing content updates and maintenance were a key consideration, so the site had to be built in a CMS that was easy to use. It was also essential that the CMS supported multi-language versions and made localisation easy to manage. There was also a need to allow for future expansion and development, which required the site to be built on a flexible platform.

The solution

We worked closely with TJC Group throughout the consultancy phase to fully explore their needs and establish clear goals for their website. Through our sessions with the key stakeholders we identified the different audience groups and built an understanding of their needs. From this we developed user personas that we would refer to throughout the design and build phases.

It was established early on in our consultancy that TJC Group's sales process is a very personalised one and that their business is built on personal relationships. As such, the website is focused on the initial stages of the sales funnel.

In order to support this we designed the structure and content of the site to appeal to a broad range of interests and drive users to contact the experts at TJC for full details. The site is designed to help different user groups find the information that's relevant to them and easily find answers to their questions.


TJC Group came to us as an existing brand with a full set of brand assets. Despite this, our senior designers took a full brief to ensure that they understood the future needs of the business, rather than simply its past. As TJC Group intended to expand their business and increase their range of products, it was important that the new brand had flexibility built in.

A modern rework of their logo

As a technology consulting company, it was also important that TJC Group's logo looked modern and professional. The team tweaked the existing logo to create three concepts for review. Two of the designs iterated upon the existing branding. The other pushed the design further, giving the TJC Group team an opportunity to see beyond their existing brand. The chosen logo was a design that developed the existing brand, giving a more modern look. From this a suite of product logos, brand colours and full usage guidelines were created to ensure consistency wherever the brand is used.

A strapline that distilled the essence of the brand

Alongside the logo development, we also created a new strapline for the business. This aimed to represent the essence of TJC Group in a just a few words. We led a brainstorming exercise with the senior TJC Group team to get ideas. From this we developed some options that focused on different aspects of the company's personality. The chosen strapline, 'Because Your Data Matters', reflects how central data is to the business. It also highlights the personal and individual way that TJC Group work.

Voice and tone guidelines for written content

To ensure that written content created by various authors is consistent and on-brand, we also created a style guide. This describes the different audiences for the business and the voice and tone that should be used when writing content for them.

Design of document templates and collateral

Once the branding design was complete, we applied the new brand across all of their collateral. This included:

  • stationery, such as business cards and letterheads
  • exhibition stands and banners
  • marketing collateral such as their corporate brochure
  • digital resources such as email and document templates

TJC Group now have a comprehensive set of brand resources. By using these in future, they can continue to present a consistent, highly professional image.

Web design

As TJC Group operate in a niche industry, we designed a website around the needs of their specific audience groups. We discussed the buying journey with their internal experts and found that prospective clients have very different needs at different stages.

A content led design

During their initial research, TJC's prospective clients need low-level information to help identify what's available. As they narrow down their options and try to get key decision makers on board, they need more detailed information. We designed a content-led website that caters for both needs. It allows for light, at-a-glance brochure pages as well as in-depth pages that provide more detail. By defining a simple content model and a taxonomy, we developed a site that surfaces relevant content and cross promotes products and solutions. This makes it easy for users to find relevant content such as whitepapers, blogs and product information.

One of TJC Group's goals was to reduce their bounce rate and increase client engagement with their content. To support this, content is broken up into easily readable chunks using headers, bullet points and paragraphs. This approach to content design makes the pages more easily scannable, helping users find the information they need and increasing user engagement.

A flexible content management system (CMS)

TJC Group had a clear roadmap for future developments of their online presence. As such it was essential that we built the website on a flexible platform that could support integrations and custom development in future. Based on their requirements, we felt that the open source CMS, Orchard, was best suited to their needs.

Using Orchard allowed us to create a powerful site while retaining an easy to use interface for updating content. As it's based on the common .NET framework it will be easy to develop future integrations and custom functionality.

Gated content for lead generation

As TJC Group were keen to establish themselves as thought leaders, the resource area was central to the site. We added a 'gate' that requires users to enter some brief details before they are able to download or view resources. This provides TJC Group with vital lead generation information. However, it was important to balance this with the needs of users. Once they enter this information they are able to access resources for 30 days without re-entering their details.

Project team

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