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Your customers are using social media. Are you?

Social media is more than just an engagement tool, and an effective social media marketing strategy goes far beyond just being part of the conversation. It includes research and analysis, content and search engine considerations, brand positioning and strengthening, as well as participation in authentic conversations on an ongoing basis.

For the majority of businesses it's almost a certainty that a good proportion of your current and potential customers will be active on one or more Social Media platform. Establishing an online voice and a social media presence which invites engagement is becoming an increasingly important element of many companies' digital marketing strategy.

When used well, social media can become effective in:

  • Being a responsive customer service channel
  • Establishing trust in your brand
  • Generating interest through intelligent campaigns
  • Providing targeted, timely traffic to your website's conversion pages

Remember, just because you are not using social media doesn't mean you or your brand are not being talked about. Do you want to know what is being said and and do you have the ability to respond?

We approach your social media activity both reactively and through carefully planned activity. We will plan campaign strategies around your customer and industry events, working with you to develop marketing campaigns that will engage with your audience, whilst ensuring that timely events such as conversations, mentions, sales and announcements are implemented or addressed effectively.

As a first stage to working with you we will review your existing and ongoing activities to gauge how effectively your efforts are in reaching your target audience. After careful assessment of your goals and targets we aim to grow an appropriate audience, expanding your reach, to increase the engagement with your posts and updates, and to utilize your social media efforts to drive the right type of traffic to the best converting areas of your website. If you are not using social media we will look at your competition and target customers, and make recommendations on if and how we take your social media marketing forwards.

How can we help?

  • We can offer support through consultation and training of your in-house teams, including creation of strategies to help you implement effective campaigns. 
  • If you prefer, we can take the all social media marketing activity off your hands and leave you to concentrate on the core services that drive your business.

If you'd like to discuss your social media requirements please contact us on 01993 776 999.

How are your social media marketing campaigns performing?

In addition to providing ongoing management and support of your social media channels, we're happy to fully audit your current social media marketing activity and provide guidance on how to move forward. If you would like to know whether you are using your social media channels to their full potential or whether your audience is relevant and engaging with your brand, contact us to discuss our social media audit options.

Still not convinced? Why not come to one of our complimentary social media seminars?


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