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Branding that gets you noticed

Establishing your brand is key to influencing how your customer perceives you. Branding encompasses every aspect of your company's identity and spans well beyond just your logo or corporate colour scheme. Our Oxford branding agency can help develop and establish your brand for a number of marketing channels, from your logo and website, to your social media presence, brochures, user experience, stationery, exhibition collateral and more.

Our Oxford branding agency can work with you to create a brand identity that will establish trust and recognition, and that differentiates you from your competitors.

The process begins with brand discovery meetings where the following will be covered:

  • Background and discussion around name and strap line
  • Existing brand guidelines and extent of new brand guidelines
  • Introduction to design process
  • Competitor analysis and industry relevant comparison (showing icons, logos and brands that work and those that don’t)
  • Completion of the brand development brief

Brand identity can be very personal to companies, helping them to represent their ethos in a concise, relatable and recognisible way. We will work with you to understand exactly how you wish to portray your identity and with what tone of voice.

Brand guidelines created by Urban Element

Example of brand guidelines created for Green Deal Together.

The process continues with ‘First Ideas Creation’:

  • Drawing out initial ideas and concepts
  • Showing the brand in situ (any planned sales and marketing material)
  • Icons
  • Strapline 
  • Presentation meeting to discuss rationale and collect initial feedback on the concepts

Brand guidelines created by Urban Element

Example of brand guidelines created for STRAW Fuels.

We can help develop branding that:

  • Tells your customer about the kind of business you are
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Helps your customers know what to expect
  • Emotionally connects with your customers
  • Conveys your business values

The process finishes with:

Further Concept Development

Subject to feedback we would develop one or two of the concepts further in order to get sign off on one route. This may need a second meeting and is included within the proposed budget.

Obtaining Sign Off and Creating the New Brand

Creation of logo, brand guidelines and a discussion on how it needs to be applied leading into new design requirements.

Let’s work together...

If your current website isn't providing the right results for you, if you are looking to take the next step forwards with your online business, or if you are launching your business online we'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can enable you to reach your business goals.