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Content Management Systems (CMS)

An effective website engages visitors, communicates brand ideals and positioning, and encourages visitors to return time and time again by providing a memorable and satisfying customer experience. Your website should be at the heart of your digital strategy, and with a leading Content Management System behind your website to support your digital activities, you'll be in a strong position to push your online presence forwards.

We will discuss your CMS requirements thoroughly during the consultancy period so that we can recommend the best solution and related costs. If you have a preferred content management system we will let you know if we have the internal expertise to integrate with the platform. We can’t be masters of all technologies but do have partners who can support with specific CMS platforms.

Our Recommended CMS Platforms

We prefer to build websites on our CMS platforms of Adobe Business Catalyst and Telerik Sitefinity.

Both are fully supported, search engine friendly, powerful business platforms, ideal for both e-commerce and non-e-commerce websites. Our front end development team take the lead with the majority of the HTML build and CMS integration.

However, our CMS websites are extensible and allow for the implementation of advanced functionality by our backend development team to fulfil complex business requirements. Recent projects have included creating a PDF Builder for ADP Architects and a delivery area postcode checker on the Champion Timber website.

Champion Timber - Postcode checker

Based around the chosen CMS platform, we design visually-stunning websites that deliver engaging user experiences and achieve your business objectives, whether that’s increasing brand awareness, data capture or making sales.

Our talented team have experience in designing all kinds of sites, from corporate websites, intranets and ecommerce sites to community websites and blogging platforms.

Let’s work together...

If your current website isn't providing the right results for you, if you are looking to take the next step forwards with your online business, or if you are launching your business online we'd love to talk to you to discuss how we can enable you to reach your business goals.