.NET Applications for Fundraising

Helping to raise awareness and funds through Fundraising Applications

Our web development team have worked together on a number of fundraising applications, including projects for Lady Margaret Hall, Durham University and most recently the TwinTown Challenge application for SpecialEffect.

Urban Element - Fund Raising Apps

The process is very similar to one of our core website projects with the client going through a process of consultancy, design and build. The main difference is the increased involvement from our backend development team and the initial creative thinking for the campaign name and application itself.

We were first approached by Lady Margaret Hall an Oxford College who were raising money to build new student halls of residence. ‘Click for Bricks’ a Flash application was developed for the front end website which allowed them to represent the amount of money that had been raised using bricks and combined with a SQL database of the alumni and those that had donated.

Durham University wanted a modern way to help raise £500,000 in donations from their alumni in order to develop their Palace Green Library (part of Durham’s World Heritage Site) into world-class exhibition space. One of the approaches was through the Chancellor's Appeal, a campaign which runs every year. The website called ‘Tomorrow’s Yesterdays’ was designed to complement the traditional approaches of mailing alumni and calling them in the telephone campaign. Once more the project required our back end developers to develop a .Net application and SQL database.

2014 saw our largest involvement to date in a fundraising application and event. This came in the form of SpecialEffect’s TwinTown challenge.

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This time round the application could be built upon the Adobe Business Catalyst platform. Although this gave our back end developers a break it was hands on for the design team, front end developer Chris and especially the Digital Marketing team.

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