.NET Development for HR

HR Applications

We have delivered a number of .NET HR applications for companies, in particular the Smiths Group, for whom we have produced a number of training and appraisal systems.

The HR applications that we have developed for Smiths allow them to manage their internal staff reviews at different levels of seniority within the company. Through this system, employees and their managers can score their skills and competencies as part of the review process and set objectives to be met. These can then be reported on at both individual and departmental levels and their progress can be charted across review periods.

Smiths Group are one of Urban Element’s longest running clients. Smiths is a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange and our web development team have been working with them for a number of years to produce various online applications. The applications are used worldwide across all five of the company’s divisions.

The initial system was developed to allow around 5,000 employees to submit their performance reviews as well as manage their learning and development courses. However, due to the evolving nature of their business, it was decided earlier this year that a new application was needed to manage the review system for the senior management within the company. Smiths chose to use Urban Element to develop the new system as we had produced the previous one, and worked to update it each year, meaning that our developers now know their business and processes inside out.

Creating a new system to assess and rank skills

The new system, targeted for the first release at top tier level 1&2 managers, allows staff and their managers to rank their skill and competencies, set objectives and give them a deadline. This can then be translated to various styles of reports that can show the ratings of employees across departments. Meantime updates to the existing application, remaining in use for level 3&4 managers, gives Smiths better control to those managers who have teams at multiple locations, meaning that changes in the structure of the business are easily accommodated for

Continued work with Smiths Group

In 2008, the then Director of Environment Health and Safety at Smiths Group asked us to develop an environmental health and safety application known as SHEPerD. This is a real time system that allows employees at their locations around the world to input data such as the amount of hours that staff have worked or log any incidents that have occurred and produce reports, trends and statistics for sites and the company as a whole. It also allows them to report on their CO2 emissions.

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