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The volume of your potential customers and website visitors using smartphones and tablets to engage with websites continues to increase rapidly. Nearly a third of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so considering your visitors' mobile browsing experience is now more important than ever. Your user experience on mobile devices should be effortless and engaging, and this can be done by designing and creating either a responsive website or a dedicated mobile website.

What is a mobile responsive website?

A mobile responsive website is built so that your message and content, images and structure of the site remains consistent across any device, whether that's a desktop PC with a large monitor, or smartphone. When a user visits your web site from their smartphone or tablet they will receive the same experience as when they use your site on a desktop, the site will resize elements to fit on the smaller screen adding smart menus and reformatting content in a friendly, easily readable and usable way.

Benefits of being responsive

There are many benefits to mobile responsive web design. Some of these are:

  • Increased sales and conversion rates - improved site experience with clear navigation paths to conversion pages reduce bounce rates, shopping cart abandonment, and encourage return visits.
  • Increased sharing - a comfortable mobile user experience enables visitors to read and share your website content regardless of the device that they may be using.
  • Increase in return visitors - a consistent experience across all devices encourages users to return to your website regardless of their initial device experience. Users with small screens are likely to visit more pages even after consuming their initial landing page content.
  • Desktop and laptop experience is improved - in addition to smaller screens; larger screens can also be catered for, allowing for visually impressive full screen website designs.

Responsive Web Design by Urban Element

What is a dedicated mobile website?

A mobile website creates an interface specially designed and optimised for the mobile. When building mobile websites, taken into account are the vast capabilities and features of mobile devices such as the interaction methods, connection speeds and the organising of content. With a focus on the design of a website just for mobile, we can ensure excellent user experience and fluidity in navigating to help users to achieve their goals.

Benefits of a mobile website

  • Improved user experience.
  • Fast download speed which means less waiting for the user.
  • Immediately engage with mobile-specific features. One example can be visitors finding your site through location-aware technology, connecting your user to your website when they are in geographic range of your business.


How we can help

When considering your mobile audience there are a number of key decisions, however the main development consideration is whether your current site should be converted to mobile responsive, or whether the site should be redesigned from the ground up as a fully mobile responsive site. During the consultancy phase, our team can help you make this decision and advise on the best and most appropriate optimisation method to cater for your audience and business goals. 


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