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Owning and running an online presence requires a level of due diligence and bench marking. This extends to both the core website and satellite marketing channels such as Social Media. Carrying out an audit on your online activity ensures that current performance and long term strategy are fit for purpose.

Urban Element can carry out in-depth audits to ensure that companies are effectively marketing themselves online. These audits are tailored to the individual needs of a client and designed to highlight any areas for improvement and opportunity. 

Website Audit

Website audits test a website's current performance and make recommendations for improvements. In this audit we will test the user experience and make sure that the content is working hard to achieve the website's goals. We also look at the effectiveness of current Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities and report on how the website is performing for desired key phrases. We will conduct competitor analysis and report on how effective a client's site is in comparison to the market they sit within. This audit provides a clear summary of complex information, and is designed to contextualise a client's website so that plans for improvement can be made.

As well as this we will look into the wider marketing channels that a client is focusing on. This can include PPC (pay per click), social media, blogging and Email marketing. 

Social Media Audit

Website audits

Social Media Audits provide detailed insights into a clients performance and simplify their social media campaign into an achievable list of goals and recommendations. This is done by meeting with you, understanding your goals, and using this information to report on your current activities.

In this report we will create detailed audience personas and compare this to the demographic that are really engaging with your activities. As well as this we will monitor how these fans and followers translate into website conversions and discuss how to improve this rate.

Furthermore, the report will analyse your competitors and reveal where your activities sit with in the market place as well as highlighting a top industry performer and providing insights in to how their strategy sets them apart.  

As well as the main report we can provide administration guidelines such as interaction policy and best practices, audience building guidance and a detailed 12 month plan.

'We found Urban Element's advice to be comprehensive and in keeping with our needs. Their recommendations for integrating social media channels on to our new website were particularly useful.' Sean Rippington - St. Peter’s College

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