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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Increase your Traffic and Revenue

Carried out effectively, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has the potential to vastly improve your sales and brand awareness. The difference between your website displaying on page one and page two of search results can have a significant effect on traffic and revenue.

Rather than a single discipline, SEO is actually a set of continually evolving procedures and strategies that, when carried out well will improve your website's visibility across search engines for a whole range of relevant searches.

SEO has moved on significantly from link exchanges, mass article submission and keyword insertion. Search Engines' algorithms place an increasing value on natural and organic processes such as providing your audience with good quality content, developing strong social presence and building natural linking structures.

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Our process starts by identifying what your audience is searching for with Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the process of uncovering and selecting the appropriate keywords for your website. Very simply, it involves undertaking a thorough and comprehensive investigation to discover what terms people search for, how frequently, and in what volume. It also involves looking at which other sites appear for those terms. Keyword research is a strategic exercise that enables you to determine which queries your site is most relevant for and for which you can feasibly expect a return. This research them leads into tasks to optimise your site accordingly.

Get it wrong and you may not even have a chance at the first few SERPs . Do it right and your potential for top placement soars.


Getting a realistic balance

Based on the keyword research we then make recommendations that balance

  • Strong relevance to your site: terms for which you have content to support,
  • High search volume: terms people are actually looking for
  • Low competition: terms with a small number of search results

SEO Sitemap

Wesley Barrell - Top three for their dedicated English Sofas

Once keywords for the SEO campaign have been identified the next step is to build an SEO sitemap. This is the procedure of mapping relevant, researched keywords to the pages within your website.

Keywords are then implemented within the website following the sitemap. This involves adding the keywords into relevant places within the website and more specifically within each page. Search Engines place higher value on some key sections within a page when deciding what its subject is, and so having these keywords visible in these areas is essential.


Ongoing SEO

Getting the fundamental building blocks correctly in place is only really the start. As SEO becomes more heavily influenced by both on site and off site activities, there is increasing importance placed on a high quality content creation, strong calls-to-actions, internal link structure, page load speed, image, title and header optimisation, to name but a few.

Coupled with off site tasks such as social media optimisation, natural back-linking strategies, SEO continues to play a major role in digital marketing.

Champion Timber - dedicated Timber Flooring landing

Champion Timber - http://www.championtimber.com
The search term 'Timber Flooring' receives approximately 880 searches per month on Google.co.uk
Our client ranks top three for their dedicated Timber Flooring landing page: http://www.championtimber.com/timber-flooring

Wesley Barrell - dedicated English sofas landing page

Wesley Barrell - http://www.wesley-barrell.co.uk
The search term 'English Sofas' receives approximately 170 searches per month on Google.co.uk
Our client ranks top three for their dedicated English Sofas landing page: http://www.wesley-barrell.co.uk/sofas/english-sofas

Note: these figures were taken from July 2014

Benefits of SEO

  • Cost-effective marketing 
    Organic marketing provides high quality scalable traffic with good conversion rates.
  • High Click Through rates
    Organic listing still figure highly in user search behaviour with up to 80% of Google users still preferring to click on an organic search result, rather than a paid Ad.
  • Results with longevity
    Following a strong SEO campaign, you can expect long-lasting search engine visibility.
  • Trust
    Searchers place a high level of trust in natural search results. Ranking well for search terms gains trust at a critical point of a customers buying journey.


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