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5 Steps to a Successful Branding Project

Branding encompasses more than just a well-designed logo, and when used effectively a strong brand can be your business’s most valuable asset. Building a brand is an ongoing process as strengthening and solidifying your image takes time. Communicating well with your graphic designer and trusting their expertise is a good place to start, as the designs you like the best may not necessarily be the most effective. We’ve whittled down the process to bring you 5 key steps to a successful branding project.

Define your target market

Before developing a mission statement or any branding resources, your target market should be carefully defined. This allows the demographics to be kept in mind throughout the project and resources to be produced to appeal to the core group of consumers.

Create something unique

Before you get started on the graphic design elements of your branding, conducting market research is necessary to make sure you know your industry well. This means you can avoid creating brand materials that are similar to any of your competitors. It will also allow you to find your USP and incorporate it into your designs.

Know the objectives of your project

Ensuring everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of what you intend to gain from rebranding or building you brand is vital to starting off on the right foot. Creating a strong brief with a clear brand ethos and strategy means both graphic designer and client will understand what is needed and when it will be delivered by. This will prevent any miscommunications from occurring which can waste valuable time and resources.

Prioritise the most vital elements of branding

This is especially important if you’re a relatively small business, as a strong logo and branding style guide may be all that’s needed at first, with a full branding project coming later. This allows you to make a strong start to your branding without needing to raise the funds for a full makeover.

Be consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to branding and a strict style guide will ensure this is adhered to. Setting out an appropriate tone of voice, colour palette and logo helps give all your business material a familiar look and feel.

Building a strong brand is ultimately about customers or clients recognizing and trusting your business, and these key steps should help your branding project run smoothly and provide ROI.


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