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A New Face for a New Age

When undergoing a branding project, how a company creates a unique identity that differentiates themselves in a highly competitive marketplace is one of the biggest challenges that a business can face.

However, when done right, it has the potential to hold tremendous value and is therefore something that needs to be executed in the right manner.

Elliott James Consulting came to Urban Element seeking a brand refresh and new website that will capture their diversity and convey the core message of ethics, which is a key USP of theirs, to their target demographic. Furthermore, it was imperative to increase their website traffic and improve online visibility so they could attract more candidates and clients, and thus improve conversion rates.

Building the right foundation for growth

It’s no secret that the recruitment industry is one of the most competitive out there.

Therefore, when we took stock of their current website, it was clear that it was tired, receiving few enquiries, attracting little website visits, and failing to appear in Google SERPs for key terms. If things were left as they were, making a mark in the sector would be an incredible challenge that didn’t appear promising. Our client had already understood this and came to us with a strong brief.

Therefore, Urban Element set out to implement some big changes.

Through a collaborative, fun and consultative process, we mocked up some brand designs, and after a few rounds of iterations, we managed to develop a new design that conveyed and encaptured their brand message of a personalised and ethical service.

With the branding side of things signed off, we then completed extensive keyword research and provided an SEO Sitemap, that provided the framework for their new highly-functional WordPress website. This ensured their site was optimised for Google and would meet the ROI goals agreed during the consultation.

Elliott James Consulting trusted us to deliver a new brand and optimised website, and we are delighted to see the final product from our team's efforts.

Planting the seed for future partnership

Going live on 7th July, Elliott James Consulting it is too soon to report on any results. However, we look forward to updating our case study with initial results and ROI in four months' time. 

We are looking forward to a long-term relationship with our client and will continue to grow their online presence through ongoing SEO and digital marketing.

With Urban Element taking care of the digital marketing side of things, Elliott James Consulting now has the time to focus on what they do best and that’s satisfying the financial recruitment sector with the quality candidates.

You can read the full Elliot James Consulting case study here.

If you too want to unlock the true value of your website, with web design that is built with SEO in mind, then the team at Urban Element has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a solid ROI from your website.

Furthermore, if you’re considering rebranding, and want a new face for your brand that establishes a sense of trust and loyalty with your audience, whilst getting the right messages across, then we will work with you to ensure we get the best possible result.


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