Brand Identity and Website Design Process (Oxford PV)

The Task:

To come up with a brand identity and website design for the Oxford Photovoltaics company.

Oxford PV is a high tech spin-out from the Oxford University Physics department company. They are a new company that have been developing a revolutionary new design for solar panels and they have asked us to develop a brand identity for them which would be:

  • appropriate for the business
  • distinctive to increase company recognition
  • simple enough to be applied across wide range of media

Sketching out ideas

We started the process by brainstorming some ideas:



Developing Ideas Further

We then picked a number of these ideas and started to develop them into viable options. It was decided between ourselves and Oxford PV that we should go with the more technical and natural looking options.



Choosing colours and the right typeface

We then picked a range of fonts and colours that would work with the chosen concepts:



Presenting the results to the client

Four distinctive options were then presented to the client. They liked the two designs on the right hand side but wanted us to use a more specific blue and green in the logo.



Chosen Option

After a few revisions, Oxford PV decided on the final design shown below:


Developing the rest of the brand elements

We then created the brand guidelines which included the use of the logo on stationery, presentations, Word document templates, email signatures and branded patterns.


Creating a holding page for the website

We are currently in the process of designing a new website for Oxford PV, but in the meantime we have created a holding page for the site which has been generating a lot of enquiries from potential investors and those interested in the product.



Website design options

We have since presented two distinctive options for the website design to the client:


And the client has chosen the second design, which we are currently in the process of creating! Look out for the finished Oxford PV website coming in the next few weeks


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