Creative Web Design with Dan

High quality web design is a fundamental element of the larger jigsaw puzzle that represents your online business. At Urban Element we follow a three phase process when building our websites. This allows us to gain an in depth understanding of what our clients want to achieve online, and how to build an online presence that meets and surpasses those requirements.

One critical part of this process that joins the understanding of needs to the solution is creative web design. Our visual designer Dan Shelton works on graphic, web and mobile design, and possesses a wealth of experience. We've asked Dan a few questions to help you get to know him a bit better and find out how his role fits in with the rest of the Urban Element team.

The Process

Neville Brody
Dan highlights Neville Brody as one of his
design heroes

After receiving a client brief from Project Manager Will, Dan will get to work on developing two design concepts for both desktop and mobile, coupled with specific functionality additions. For more complex and bespoke web design, these concepts will often have to be approved by front end developer Chris to confirm the best approach to bring their ideas to life. By creating two separate sets of designs we give our clients the chance to see, and ultimately choose from, two differing approaches to how they want to move forwards visually.

The process for each project brings a fresh set of requirements and challenges, each may differ significantly depending on established branding, associated material, and intricacy of the new site. Following a period of consultancy with the client and our project team, Dan will begin creation of visuals that meet the website brief.

Many hours and cups of tea later the designs are complete, and once reviewed and approved in house Dan will present two designs to the client to decide which one they prefer. 

Dan is a keen advocate of Adobe Creative Suite, favouring Photoshop for web design, Illustrator for logo design and InDesign for brochures, stationery and adverts. Of course, it’s important for any designer to keep on top of design trends to make sure everything that’s being created is current and up to date. Dan does this through researching and engaging with design blogs and browsing blue chip client trends.

Applying Online Design to the Wider Picture

The finished website designs can also be used either during the project or in the future to influence and lead a company’s branding. A well-considered and professionally designed website will often form the core to building and developing a company’s identity and image, often influencing well beyond digital to a range of print and branding works such as packaging, business stationery and much more. Used in synergy with web design, print and branding is often the next logical step. 

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