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Growing your Twitter Audience, First Steps

There are currently a massive 500 million tweets posted everyday by 241 million users. As a business, the question is how to reach, communicate and distinguish your brand within this huge audience sitting at the end of your fingertips. Twitter users are far more likely to follow and engage with brand than users of other Social Media channels.


So how do you pinpoint your relevant audience- people with an interest in your business and service? With a large number of of potential customers and leads live on Twitter at any one time, this task at first seems like finding a needle in a haystack, a giant haystack.

Having a Twitter presence is highly advantageous for your business across many areas, lead generation, customer service, service and product awareness to name but a few. Using and understanding how to make the most of Twitter features will help generate brand visibility, draw in relevant traffic, and ultimately, convert visitors into customers.

Where do you start?

Start by following relevant people. With Twitter these are relatively straight forward to accumulate. Begin with following

  • your customers,
  • your business partners, suppliers and vendors
  • your competitors.

When following these people, see who they are following and who is following them. Selectively chose which ones are relevant to your business, as this allows you to see what is being talked about by the people you are interested in, and often results in them following you back.

Connect with, and build a community

If you are new to Twitter or have found your social engagement has taken a plateau, with no interaction and low or no click through rates to your website, it may be because you are not engaging with your audience, or that you may not be providing relevant, useful information. By actively engaging with your audience through conversation, mentions, questions and direct messaging, giving useful information back, and positioning yourself as a thought leader you’ll start growing and reinforcing your social media presence.

Learn with Urban Element

Once a month we hold free social media seminars. Our aim is to introduce you to all the features of Twitter and their relevance to business. We’ll show you how to use Twitter to strategically grow your audience and to expose your brand, tweeting relevant, rich, interesting content. We will help you to encourage your audience into engaging with areas of your business you want to draw attention to.

Twitter is a powerful platform. You have the ability to connect with and communicate with people in real time, direct and influence people’s actions, and establish your brand’s presence within your industry market.

To make sure your social activity on Twitter is fully effective, we’ll bring to light strategic factors that should be taken into consideration, such as the time of day you tweet, as well as the frequency. Finally be aware of benchmarking your performance as this allows you to analyse results and see where you can improve.

Book your complimentary Social Media training

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