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How Branding Brings Additional Value to Your Web Design Project

Having strong branding that extends across all areas of your business is vital to success, and your website is no exception. Consistency is key when it comes to building and maintaining your brand, and so creating a website with carefully considered branding that complements your business will have many benefits to your company.

Graphic design talks

The colour palette, logo and overall look of your website make a powerful impression on users, and when done right should allow them to quickly decipher what your company offers, where in the market you’re placed, and how you interact with your customers. Designing professional graphics for your website that represent what your company offers and are consistent with any existing branding you have will make your business both more recognisable and more trusted by your customers.

Supporting the price

Professional branding also adds value to your website by visually displaying the quality of your business. It can also simultaneously add personality and sell a lifestyle, which supports the price of your product or service.

Brand association

Lifestyle and ethics

Having a strong brand identity allows customers to develop a relationship with your product or service and what it represents. Whether it connects them to a lifestyle, such as an independent coffee brand or outdoor running shoe, or allows them to support the core values of your organisation, such as environmentalism or human rights, a strong brand creates a relationship with your customers which makes them less likely to switch over to the competition.

Getting the tone right

Your brand personality should be orchestrated depending on things like the industry you’re in, and who your target market is. It should also be consistent across all areas of your business. Your tone of voice is a vital part of this, for example, a law firm is likely to write formally, whereas a digital marketing agency may be more colloquial and lighthearted. From your tagline to the content on your website, your tone will play a major part in creating a strong relationship with your customers and ensuring you come across how you intend to to potential clients.

What we do

At Urban Element we offer bespoke branding packages to suit your needs, whether that’s starting from scratch to build a brand that’s reflective of your business or developing your brand more fully. Contact us to find out how our comprehensive branding packages can benefit your business.


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