Planning a Successful Marketing Campaign

At the start of this year we launched our new, rebranded and refurbished website. We were all hugely excited that all the hard work paid off, but we didn't want to keep it to ourselves!

You will remember our promotional campaign – an online competition using the hash-tag...#HaveyoUEntered. Promoted on our website and over our social media profiles FacebookLinkedIn and  Twitter, the challenge was for competition entries to answer a set of questions about us; the answers laced throughout our website. 

Ed Dorling was the lucky winner of the 250 voucher for The Feathered Nest.

So, the intention of the participants was to enter and be in with the chance of winning the great prize that was up for grabs however, what was our purpose for the competition?

#HaveyoUEntered Promotional Campaign:

  • Competition entries explore our web design and online marketing services.
  • Entries share the competition over social media maximising the competition’s reach, increasing the visibility of our business
  • The competition creates word-of-mouth opportunities, giving existing and new clients a reason to talk about us, increasing recognition of our business.
  • Existing client’s become aware of our services and processes they may not have been familiar with originally.
  • We announced the winner live on YouTube, encouraging people to go to our social account. This is an advantage in terms of highlighting the transparency of our agency to existing and prospect clients.

Campaigns: What you should bear in mind

When creating a marketing campaign, you need to think about the campaign's objective – what is it that you are hoping to achieve? You then have to consider what communication channels would be most effective in promoting the campaign for example: email, social media, online media such as banners etc. It's also in your benefit to create and follow an action plan timeline documenting when and how often you should support and promote your campaign. When creating a campaign, other areas to take into account are how you are going to measure its success.

Extend the consumer’s journey with your business

Promotional campaigns are created for an intention: to drive awareness, traffic, engagement, acquisition, leads and many more depending on your business goals. However, the campaign needs to support the bigger picture – your business' marketing strategy, extending and supporting the consumer’s journey with your brand. These are your long-term goals. 

The importance of a 12-month marketing strategy

If you don’t have a marketing plan  in place, you risk stunting your business growth and consumer engagement. Promotional campaigns such as competitions are quick gains that should assist and support your marketing strategy. Your strategy in turn should reflect your long-term goals. These are goals that can’t be achieved overnight, and instead need to be facilitated and supported by a collection of other marketing activities . 

Reinforce Your Marketing Strategy

We can help you execute and maximise the effectiveness of your online marketing activities. Whether you need assistance in developing your short-terms goals or establishing you long-term goals, we can work with you to determine clear objectives, and together form an effective online marketing strategy and successful campaigns. Contact our office to discuss our online marketing services in more detail. 


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