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Whilst we always assess platform requirements on a per project basis, for a large number of the businesses we work with, WordPress is the ideal solution. Many of these businesses are looking for a specialist WordPress agency to deliver a new website or support an existing site built on the platform. It’s also quite often the case that they may not know which platform is best for them and would benefit from guidance and rationale. Often we’re approached with the question of whether WordPress is the right platform for business.

Is WordPress a good platform for my business?

Due to its near ubiquitous nature, many of the websites we all use on a daily basis are built upon WordPress. As with any CMS platform there are pros and cons, and it’s WordPress’ relatively easy entry to building websites that fuels some misconceptions about it as a business platform. Building a WordPress site can be relatively straightforward, building a WordPress site well and for business growth is an entirely different matter. That’s why for any business looking to go down the WordPress route, we believe it is important to engage a professional, specialist WordPress Agency or developer.

If you’ve already asked yourself whether your website needs to perform well for high volumes of visitors, stand out from “templated” WordPress sites, perform enterprise level functions, and NOT rely on potentially security flawed plug-ins, then we think we should be talking

Our WordPress Development Capabilities

Our development team take on a wide variety of development projects and as such have experience across numerous specialised sectors. These can be as diverse as property leasing websites, clothing and merchandising sites, and charity donation sites.

  • Ecommerce websites / Woocommerce integration
  • Brand and story-telling websites
  • Platform migrations to WordPress
  • Landing page development
  • Plug-in rationalisation
  • Support and maintenance
  • SEO for WordPress

Marketing and supporting your site with experienced WordPress professionals

Our team supports a large and diverse range of customers using WordPress websites. Some of whom we have built their website and are benefiting from our specialist team to enhance their SEO efforts, to roll out phased improvements to their sites, or just for the peace of mind in knowing they have developers with expertise in their platform at their fingertips. However, if you have an existing WordPress site and need support we can also offer the same high levels of Digital Marketing and Site Development.

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Whether you’d like to talk about kicking off your WordPress project, or if you want to understand the benefits of using a dedicated WordPress agency further, we’d like to start that discussion.

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