Champion Timber work on iPad

A long term partnership with outstanding SEO results

Over the last 11 years of working with Champion Timber we have helped them to battle the big names in timber and building supplies. With solid, first page results for their key search terms, our SEO work is driving huge volumes of traffic to the site. This has contributed to a massive increase in turnover from online sales.

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Developing a deep understanding of their business

In order to help Champion to succeed, we've had to get under the skin of the timber trade. Working closely with Champion we have developed our understanding of the trade and consumer audiences and their different needs, which is reflected in the work we do. We also get regular updates from their marketing manager to help us understand their changing business priorities. This ensures we focus our efforts on getting the best returns for their budget.

Having a long-term relationship helps us to make more informed decisions. This is particularly helpful in targeting keywords for their ongoing SEO campaign, keeping them at the top of search for the terms that are relevant to their business.

Responding to change

Change is inevitable for any business. We've been able to help Champion Timber respond to both internal and external changes that could impact on their SEO performance.

As an online merchant with an extensive catalogue, Champion's product lines are constantly shifting. We have been able to support their business with category reshuffles, the addition of new lines and promotions. By focusing our SEO efforts on the right products at the right time we have maximised traffic to their site. This has provided a steady increase in sales, supporting their growth.

We have also helped Champion to manage the impact of technological changes. As search engine giants such as Google have updated their algorithms, we have helped Champion to stay one step ahead. Over the years we have completed projects involving changes to content, page structure and device compatibility. We have also helped them to engage with their audiences through social media. Through these we have ensured Champion maintain their position at the top of the rankings.

Making the most of pay per click

As well as their website and social media, we have also managed Champion's search engine marketing campaigns. Again, our close relationship and deep understanding of their business has helped us get them the best returns for their budget. We have been able to take into account the seasonal trends and business priorities in their PPC campaigns.