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Building a technical B2B ecommerce site to disrupt the market

FiDUS Power provide power supplies to engineers and manufacturers across a range of industries. They sought to disrupt the market by bringing products direct from manufacturers to consumers. Their offer was high quality products with great warranties at low prices. With over 75 years' experience in the industry, FiDUS knew that getting their website right could have a massive impact on sales. With an extensive product range, our task was to ensure their catalogue was findable and usable.

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Understanding specialist products for maximum impact

We knew that getting a deep understanding of the FiDUS product range was critical to getting the best results. Through our detailed consultancy phase we worked closely with their experts to get to grips with the world of power supplies.

Taking this approach helped us to build an SEO focused sitemap that targeted only the most relevant keywords. As a new business competing with established brands, this would help FiDUS climb the search rankings quickly and build their customer base.

A user experience designed for specific audiences

Together with FiDUS we identified and built personas for two key audiences - engineers and buyers - each with different requirements from the website. Engineers are experts that understand the product attributes and details. Buyers, however, typically won't have this knowledge and instead are looking for products based on SKU or name.

To deal with these two distinct groups, we ensured that the product catalogue allowed for both searching and filtering on a wide range of attributes. This would allow users to find the right products regardless of their level of knowledge.

One of FiDUS' key differentiators was their ability to offer customised products based on their standard catalogue. This USP offered their customers a much quicker and cheaper way to get a bespoke part without requiring a full design and manufacturing process. We found a way to highlight this to relevant customers at key points in their customer journey, increasing conversions.

Ongoing support to establish their brand

Building the website was only the beginning of FiDUS' online growth journey. Since the website was launched we have worked closely with FiDUS to build an increasing share in their market.

We developed a long term marketing strategy that has already significantly bolstered search engine visibility both in organic rankings and within a competitive paid advertising arena. Optimisation of blogs and supporting social media posts have allowed FiDUS to reach audiences with both thought leadership and product release information. 

Our ongoing relationship with FiDUS allowed us to test structural changes to react to changes in Google Search algorithms, resulting in significant gains in organic search traffic.

By continuing development and marketing beyond the initial delivery of the website, we have been able to help FiDUS gain a much deeper understanding of how their users interact with their site. Heat-mapping, data analysis, and tracking of specific events such as technical PDF demand, continue to inform and shape ongoing refinement to the site.