garden trading case study

From underperforming to high return on spend: Getting Garden Trading’s Shopping Ads back on track


Garden Trading are established and much loved Furniture and Homeware designers boasting a range of over 800 stunning products within collections spanning lighting, furniture, and homeware. Their growth and success has been rapid, largely through producing great products and marketing their ecommerce website to a well targeted audience. Google Ads are an important part of Garden Trading’s ecommerce marketing. Garden Trading approached us to investigate and restructure their Google Ads campaigns when performance began to fall below their ambitious targets, and management of their account structure itself had become unwieldy and over complex.




The need for a more organised account

Garden Trading have ambitious year on year growth plans. They manage a well rounded portfolio of marketing activities that span across a multitude of different platforms and disciplines. With marketing efforts spread across different areas, having a clear, clean, and manageable Google Ads account was important. This is particularly so, as the structure would need to support product growth, seasonality, sale periods, and campaign led activities.


To develop a Google Ads account that would drive growth, be flexible enough to expand on demand, whilst remaining simple and logical to manage.

Restructuring a mature account

Management of Garden Trading’s Google Ads has switched hands a number of times over the years. When initially meeting with Urban Element, management of the account had been taken back under control of Garden Trading’s in house marketing team. This was having seen a drop in performance whilst under the stewardship of external resource. With different parties all managing the account in their own way over the years, Garden Trading’s account had become overly complicated and confused with conflicting campaigns, audiences, targeting, and keywords no longer working as a cohesive body. We sat down with Garden Trading’s team and mapped out a new account structure that would detangle the complexities and provide a blueprint for further growth.

Providing additional resource and advice

Over the next few months we saw the Shopping Ads campaign return to previously high levels of return on spend, and conversions increase in line with targets. As Garden Trading’s own internal resourcing changed, we provided varying levels of support from full management of the Google Ads account when needed, and then on a support and advice level once Garden Trading’s internal resource became available. This has given a degree of management flexibility to Garden Trading whilst adding the benefit of external Google Ads expertise on an as needed basis.

A new website gives Google Ads a bumpy ride

Just before the run up to the busy Christmas period Garden Trading launched their new, improved website with their ecommerce developers. Whilst the new site was a big step forwards it did however have a significant impact on Google Shopping Ads results. Overnight, an effective Shopping Ads campaign suddenly dried up to near zero positive results. Our advertising team carried out a technical investigation into the mechanics behind Google’s Shopping Ads and how the new website’s shopping feed may have been negatively acting upon it. We uncovered an obscure anomaly with how the new site was generating the shopping feed that “broke” Google Ads’ optimisation algorithms, effectively killing off the campaign. We met online and advised the new website developers of remedial action and saw an immediate return to high performance.

A partnership to suit changing needs

The relationship we have with Garden Trading has allowed all parties involved to be agile and flexible depending on how, where, and when resource has been needed.

Beyond just Shopping Ads

Having developed a good working partnership with Garden Trading on the initial restructuring of their account we’ve since been hands on with remarketing campaigns, supporting sale events, Bing Ads management, and ongoing advice. As Garden Trading have introduced more of their own in house team to the account, we’ve provided advice to support a smooth transition of the management of campaigns to that resource.