MyStore work on iPad

Helping a brand new business top the local search rankings


We worked closely with MyStore on the design and build of their website. Once it launched we continued to support them with a digital marketing plan that helped to get their website to the top of the search results within it's first few weeks. With our advice, they created a digital presence that allowed them to engage directly with their customers and the local community.

1000 visits WEBSITE TRAFFIC IN 1st 30 DAYS



Building around clear objectives

As a new business, getting found in searches was vitally important for MyStore. With a substantial upfront investment in property, immediate visibility and filling room capacity was crucial to success. In order to guide the website build, the structure of the site, and initial website promotion, we began the project outlining and defining clear objectives based around MyStore’s business objectives.


To deliver a strong memorable identity, with clear, well defined user journeys, that would deliver “from zero to the top” of the search results for "self storage" terms within weeks of launching the site.

Built for the in house marketing team

The new website gave MyStore a great footing and established them in the marketplace. Going forwards it was important to build a site that allowed the MyStore team to continue to market the facility and it's services.

Along with the website build we helped support the MyStore team by providing comprehensive social media and CMS training. Our resident social media expert helped them to get to grips with scheduling posts and best practices for interacting with their audiences. We developed a comprehensive style guide, which helped to ensure consistency of their message.

Launching with a bang

We worked closely with MyStore to plan and deliver their first 12 months of digital marketing activity that would complement their offline promotions and drive traffic to the site from day one.

This strategy began with a digital marketing meeting that dived deeper into the marketing goals of the business, seasonality influences, audience motivations, and their overall strategy. From this information we developed a multichannel marketing calendar that encompassed SEO, content, and social media activity. We also created a series of infographics to support their posts. These were designed to be eye catching and shareable, helping their social media posts to stand out.

Iterative improvements

As MyStore’s business has grown so too has the role that the website plays in bringing in business. Since the initial launch we’ve gathered rich information about how customers interact, convert, and leave the site. Working alongside MyStore’s own plans, we’ve made business and data led improvements through regular UX reviews and iterative development.

Delivering real results

The new website and initial digital marketing efforts gave MyStore traction in the market quickly, helping them to reach the top of search engine results for their key terms fast.

With our support, MyStore have built a strong local following on social media. By defining their brand personality and engaging with their followers consistently, they've built a community and raised brand awareness.

As a result of the new website and collaborative marketing efforts, MyStore have become the number one self-storage business in the local area.